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SENTENTIA. European Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences

Trofimova I.N. Indexes and objectives of the socio-economic development of the Russian regions

Abstract: This article examines the peculiarities of the socio-economic development of the regions in Russia. The relevance of this research is justified by the growing disparity between various social classes, as well as separate territories. A special attention is given to the analysis of the correlation between the level of gross regional product (GRP) per capita and the level of average monthly income amongst region’s inhabitants. These indexes are reviewed not only as important factors of current situation within the regions, but also as strategic markers of a long-term socio-economic development. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research consists of the combination of positions that argue the greater importance of internal potential of socio-economic development of the regions in comparison to the administrative and political factors. The main conclusion of the research is determination of the existing disparity within the current socio-economic position of the regions and unfounded domination of the administrative and political approaches in setting the long-term goals for regional development. Inclusion of the indexes of the average monthly income and GRP into the long-term strategies for the socio-economic development of the regions must account not only for the administrative measures, but also for the development of internal potential of the regions, their cultural, economic, and social specificity.


socio-economic development, region, regional policy, average wages, gross regional product, indicators, development strategies, strategic planning, regional disparity, internal potential

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