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Contents of Issue № 03/2024
Social studies and monitoring
Akhmedova A.R., Vakker P.A., Zheldakova A.V., Medvedeva M.V., Gomonov D.I., Gerakina V.O. - Tolerance in the student environment of the University (based on the materials of a sociological study in Barnaul) pp. 1-14



Abstract: The relevance of studying the problem of tolerance among university students lies in the fact that by now there has been a panoramic vision of the problem of tolerance. It should be noted that it is the youth who is the main subject of tolerance. Since it is during this period of human socialization that the norms of the worldview with which he will lead his future life in society are laid down for him through social institutions. In this regard, it is necessary to clarify the subjective attitude of students to tolerance as a social phenomenon, to consider the factors of tolerance formation among students, to identify the ideas of students about tolerance, to determine the awareness of students about the term "tolerance". This article presents an analysis of the ideas of the student youth of the city of Barnaul about the phenomenon of tolerance. The study was implemented through a quantitative method of collecting information – a survey in the form of a questionnaire. The general body of the study was made up of students from Barnaul. The sample size was 348 people. The type of sampling is targeted. The study used a selection method such as the method of spontaneous selection. The vast majority of students consider the topic of tolerance to be relevant, and also note the need for tolerance in Russian society. The prevailing part of the student youth believes that significant attention should be paid to the education of tolerance. For students of the city of Barnaul, such types of tolerance as political, interethnic, gender, interfaith and sexual orientation turned out to be the most difficult to manifest. In modern Russian society, the most necessary types of tolerance, according to students, are sexual orientation tolerance, interethnic tolerance, tolerance to various forms of self-expression. Physiological, religious and gender issues received a lower percentage of respondents' responses, from which it can be concluded that students do not consider these types of tolerance necessary. Most often, according to students, the topic of tolerance is raised on social networks. The majority of Barnaul students believe that tolerance is highlighted in a positive way.
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