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Contents of Issue № 09/2017
Demography and statistics
Karpov G. - Demographic situation in modern Great Britain: explosion or crisis? pp. 1-20


Abstract: The subject of this study is the demographic situation in modern Great Britain that at the present stage experiences a rapid increase in population. The article analyses the key demographic indexes and main channels of migrants’ flow into the country at the brink of XX – XXI centuries. Particular attention is given to the age pattern, composition of the families, birth and death rate. The author also examines the negative trends in demographics of the indigenous British population throughout the late XX – beginning of the XXI centuries. The scientific novelty consists in the use of sources that have not been previously introduced in the academic discourse, as well as extensive cover of the statistical data on this matter. Over the recent decades, Great Britain experiences the large-scale demographic changes characterized by the massive influx of migrants and practical extinction of the British people. The current outburst of population size of the country is provided by the constant migration from Asia, Africa, and new member-states of the European Union, as well as high birth rate among the immigrants. The mainstream population of Great Britain undergoes a permanent demographic crisis, which leads to the fall in rate of birth below the natural reproduction, increase of the median age, and departure of the active citizens from the country. Thus, in parallel with the overall increase in population of the country, there also take place a rapid substitution of the ethnic and religious composition of the population by the non-European minorities. In the nearest future, such process will inevitably result in the tectonic shifts in all spheres of life of the British society.
The nationality issue
Samsonova I.V., Neustroeva A.B., Pavlova M.B. - Relationship issues between the indigenous people of the North and exploration companies of the Sakha Republic (Yakutia) pp. 21-37


Abstract: The subject of this research is the interrelation between the indigenous communities of the North and exploration companies in the Sakha Republic (Yakutia). The authors analyze the legal grounds for regulating relations between the indigenous minorities of the North and subsoil users. The work gives special attention to examination of the role of the traditional types of activities in sustenance, food provision, and employment of indigenous people of the North; analyzes an opinion of indigenous people regarding compensation in case of the negative effect upon the natural resources necessary for the traditional economic activity. The following methods are applied in the course of this study: statistical analysis; analysis of the documents of indigenous communities; expert interviews with the founding parties, heads of the indigenous communities and heads of rural settlements, dwellers competent in social, economic, demographic, cultural, and other sectors of life of the indigenous minorities of the North; as well as method of questionnaire among the members of indigenous communities. The conducted research demonstrates that there exist certain restrictions in development of the relations between the indigenous people of the North and large exploration companies, which first and foremost are associated with the lack of legislative documents at the federal and regional levels. In addition, the authors determine the insufficiency of experience and practice among the representatives of the indigenous people of the North aimed at expressing the interests of their activity.
Social studies and monitoring
Biltrikova A.V., Zhalsanova V.G., Breslavskii A.S. - Socioeconomic situation and interethnic relations in the Republic of Buryatia pp. 38-45


Abstract: The subject of this research is the impact of the established socioeconomic situation upon the interethnic relations in the Republic of Buryatia. Despite the fact that throughout the long period of time, interethnic relations retain stability, demonstrating a fairly high level of tolerance in the Republic comparing with some regions, the threats of conflicts do exist. And among them, is the unfavorable economic situation in the regions, characterized by the low indexes of region’s socioeconomic development. Buryatia is a beneficiary region, which of course, negatively affects the level and quality of life of the population, and does not contribute into the propitious development of interethnic relations. The article provides the results of study aimed at creation of the expert panel on assessment of the interethnic and Interconfessional relations in the Republic of Buryatia. The authors analyzes the expert evaluations regarding the nature and level of influence of the economic factor upon the interethnic relations. Socioeconomic situation does not manifest as a decisive factor of interethnic relations. However, it is noted that the formulation of national projects of economic development that allow improving the socioeconomic situation, will make its input into optimization of the interethnic relations.
Questions of current interest
Meshcheryakova N.N., Rogotneva E.N. - The experience of teaching students with disabilities in higher education in the Russian Federation pp. 46-57


Abstract: The subject of this research is the level of affordability of the Russian higher education for students with disabilities, as well as willingness of the universities to create an environment of equal opportunities. The comparative analysis of works of the Russian and international experts allow making a conclusion about the current status and nearest future of the inclusive professional education. Special attention is given to the complex of measures aimed at removing barriers in the educational environment of a university. According to the experts’ opinion, despite the fact that at the legislative level the right of such students to receive professional education is protected, the environment remains inaccessible. The results of expert survey, which involved 34 of the Russian experts, confirmed the initially proposed hypothesis that until the infrastructure of Russian universities and other facilities is not sufficiently prepared for the inclusive transportation and education of students with disabilities, it pushes to the background the other difficulties on the path of their complete socialization in the society. But with the development of the inclusive environment, they will become more noticeable. For successful adaptation of the students with disabilities within the system of higher education, the inclusion must start much earlier, during the school years. It is also necessary also for the conditionally healthy students. It can help to reduce the communicative barriers of both parties, as well as get the disabled students more prepared for the stage of university education.
Semilet T.A., Manskov S.A., Lukashevich E.V., Ershov Y.M., Gorin D.G., Fotieva I.V., Pishchal'nikova V.A. - The problems of subjectivity in modern mass communication: professorial roundtable pp. 58-74


Abstract: The subject of this research is the phenomenon of subjectivity in modern mass communication, transformation of its essence, structural-functional certainty, and sociocultural effects of these transformations. During the discussion, the following issues are being addressed: the ethical-verbal aspects of communicative behavior of the representative of authority in modern media environment; the concept of the author's position in journalism and factors that impede its implementation; the question of the "author’s death" in modern journalism. The participants also analyzed the phenomena of "mass intelligence", "communicative reason", "communicative plurality" and "wisdom of crowd"; the inadequacy of the requirements of objectivity and inevitable subjectivity in the journalistic works; attributiveness of the ethnic-psychic peculiarities of an actor of communication. The authors made the following conclusions. Firstly, at the present stage, there are evident trends of violating the standards of communicative behavior in media environment (principle of cooperation and principle of comity); at the same time, it may be noted the adoption of the new norm as a model/example for emulation by the target audience and its transfer (through the media) onto the all communication areas. Secondly, the blurring of categories of authorship is currently associated with a number of factors: tightening of the legal framework of the journalistic profession; trend of commercialization of the media sphere; unjustified approval of "information", pseudo-objective model of journalism, which excludes the author's position. Thirdly, the loss of subjectivity today manifests in the elimination of creative component from the journalism, as well as formation of the final product due to technical and commercial feasibility. Fourthly, it is probably needs  the be said that subjectivity within the modern mass communication is fundamentally changing, thus the notions of "communicative reason" and "communicative plurality" are introduced for the better understanding. Fifthly, giving characteristic to the subjectivity in mass communication necessitates considering the specificity of the ethnic mentality of an actor.
Barinov D.N. - “Ontological security” and its limits in the modern society pp. 75-89


Abstract: This article is dedicated to the problem of “ontological security” in modern society. The introduced by A. Giddens term of “ontological security” reflects one of the fundamental conditions of social life, which ensure the continuousness of daily interactions and the form the necessary for the ordinary life sense of security. The subject of this research is the macrosocial factors and conditions that generate the uncertainty of ordinary life, as well as manifest as the indicators of limits of the “ontological security”, the overlap of which disturbs the sense of security. The research leans on the idea in such unsurmountable social system as the society, due to the efficiency of objective factors complicating the system’s management, retain the conditions for emergence of the spontaneous processes that are not completely covered by the network of institutionally codified relations, and manifest as the foundation of deformation of the “ontological security”. The analysis of factors and prerequisites of erosion of the “ontological security” is based on the sociological tradition of critical analysis of the society that allows formulating the “diagnosis of modernity” (E. Fromm, U. Beck, A. Giddens, A. Touraine, J. Habermas, and others). A conclusion is made that in the modern dynamically developing society, operate the factors that instigate the emergence of uncertainty, which undermines the foundations of the “ontological security”. Among these factors are: the social changes, crisis phenomena in social life, irrational aspects of social life, complication of society and formalization of social relations, boundaries of the social and ordinary cognition.
State and civil society
Boronina L.N., Senuk Z.V., Bogatova P.V. - The experience of project evaluation of the socially oriented non-profit organizations of Sverdlovsk Region pp. 90-101


Abstract: This article examines the experience of tendering procedure and evaluation of projects introduced by the socially oriented non-profit organizations of Sverdlovsk Region for receiving the government subsidy for their implementation in 2016. The work analyzes the results of evaluation of the winning projects with assistance of the developed by the authors in the Ural Federal University parametric method of evaluation of projects. The authors provide the results of expert survey of the members of tendering committee about the flaws of methodology and procedure of evaluation of the projects, as well as difficulties faced by the experts during the course of evaluation. The article also presents the results of survey of the project developers from the associates of the non-profit organizations who introduced their projects for the contest in 2016. The conducted analysis has recorded a low quality of the presented projects, which is substantiated by two factors: lack of the project-conformable parameters of evaluation in the applied methodology, as well as imperfection of the form of project description in the materials of tender application. The conducted evaluation alongside the results of survey of the experts and developers of the projects testify to the need for amending the form of application and desirability of implementation of the parametric evaluation of the projects in practice of the future similar contests.
People and work
Fedorova A., Koropets O.A., Tonkikh N.V. - Narrative analysis of the negative factors in labor relations pp. 102-112


Abstract: The object of this work is the employees of enterprises and organizations of Sverdlovsk Region, while the subject is the toxic practices of personnel management. The goal of the article is to analyze the negative experience of respondents at the workplace, obtained as a result of destructive labor relations with their employers, managers or colleagues. Within the framework of ongoing long-term study, the authors monitor the changes in labor relations between employers and hired workers. This article introduces some of the results of the part of monitoring, which is devoted to examination of the sources of anxiety and negative emotions at the workplace, as the factors of toxicity of the working environment, identified based on how it is perceived by the employees. A quantitative method of monitoring research, implemented in the form of an annual sociological survey of random groups of Russian enterprises' workers of different economic sectors, is complemented by qualitative methods based on the narrative approach. Narrative analysis focuses on the study of wide range of opinions, as well as understanding, explanation, and interpretation of the acquired empirical data for formulating the hypotheses and productive ideas. As a result, the authors have identified various forms of reflection among the respondents, diving them into the groups depending on expansion of the reflexive process. The majority of respondents are not able to pursue correlation between their actions and the negative situation, which does not allow them to adequately coordinate their work behavior in accordance with the toxic factors of the professional environment. Thus, the use of narrative approach in addition to the quantitative analysis, is aimed at the deeper understanding of the causes of impact of the toxic management practices upon personnel.
Public dialogue
Timkuk J.A. - Dialogical aspect of African communitarianism in the philosophy of Ubuntu pp. 113-122


Abstract: This article attempts to describe the African communitarianism as a discursive formation between an individual and society. The article presents the prevailing position among many scholars-Africanists about the supremacy of society over individual in the so-called dialogue “individual – society” that is relevant for the contemporary Africanists discourse. The author shares an opinion that not human antedates the community, but rather the community antedates human and contributes to the wellbeing of the latter. It is important to note that such position gains more popularity within the political discourse. The understanding of policy of general welfare in the context of system of African values, can be most vividly described base on the consensus or unanimity that manifest in the existing traditions, cultures, and values, which characterize the peoples of Africa towards the south from Sahara. This research applies meta-analysis of the results of politological studies of the scholars-Africanists, dedicated to the role of philosophical-worldview system of Ubuntu in development of a dialogue within the contemporary African community leaning on the ideology of communitarianism. The research materials can find practical implementation in establishing the political dialogue in modern Africa, as well as development of social diplomacy and international cooperation.
Conflict and consensus
Milyukova A. - Social conflicts around allocation of the provocative advertising (regional aspect) pp. 123-134


Abstract:  The subject of this work is the regional conflicts around the allocation of controversial (provocative, outrageous, shocking) advertising. The legal and communicative aspect of the provocative advertising are being examined. The author analyzes the structure of conflicts (subject, object, environment, positions, interests, resources of the parties), their dynamics (characteristic of the conflict stages, explanatory models, incident, escalation, cost of continuation/ending of a conflict), functions, methods of conflict management or resolution (participants’ behavioral strategies and tactics, solution methods, role of government structures). Methodology of the research is based on the structural-dynamic analysis of conflict situations. According to the author’s data, the conflictological analysis of the cases of allocation of advertising structures in the Russian regions has not been previously conducted, which justifies the scientific novelty of the article. The aforementioned conflicts are distinguished by the institutionalized character, anonymous character one of the parties of a conflict, official character of the conflict communication, significant role of government in resolving the conflicts, subject-object model of relationship between the participants. The information motives are initiated by either the state representatives or political/social organizations. Despite the fact that the majority of disputes concern the small businesses, the business representatives do not form an agenda on this matter.  
Human and citizen
Selivanova Z.K., Andreev A.L. - The role of teaching history in the formation of students’ spiritual world (on materials of sociological research) pp. 135-144


Abstract: The subject of this research is the determination of university students’ relation to the teaching of history, teaching quality, as well as assessment of the important historical events with respect to the object of national pride. The goal of this work consists in examination of the role of history teaching in formation of spiritual world of the students. The object of this research is the students of humanitarian and technical higher educational institutions of Moscow. Based on the acquired empirical data, the authors meticulously analyze the evaluation of the quality of history teaching in universities and schools, students ' attitudes toward the various historical events in the context of national pride, what are the sources of historical knowledge and with whom to discuss the problem of assessing the historical events. The article applies the method of sociological survey, involving 1,236 students of humanitarian and technical universities. The results demonstrated that the students of humanitarian and technical universities have high demand for obtaining knowledge and understanding of history. It is concluded that the teaching of history carries a positive impact upon the formation of historical consciousness and historical memory, as well as formation of personal culture, spiritual world of civic responsibility and patriotic feelings. More than 82% of respondents assess the quality of history teaching as satisfactory; 25.6% of respondents believe that the school quality of teaching of history is excellent; for comparison, only 15.6% of respondents consider such in university as excellent.
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