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Contents of Issue № 09/2013
Ideology and politics
Gulyaikhin V.N. - Politics and Patriotism in Modern Russia pp. 1-19


Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of political factors that contribute to the development of patriotism in modern Russia. The author of the article focuses on theoretical and methodological concepts already developed by Nikolay Berdyaev in his article 'Patriotism and Politics' published in 1917. The initial thesis of a Russian philosopher was the provision aboutthe need of the Russian society in a national renaissance which could be triggered only by a special patriotic mood. V. Gulyakhin's research is based on the same thesis, too. To him, patriotism means, in the first place, love for Russia represented as a willingness to serve Russia's interests and to protect Russia including self-sacrifice. 'Love' is the key word in this definition. Love meas actions but not passive feelings. It is one's active care about life and growth of what we love. The author states that love of most Russians for their homeland is rather infantile. Russians see it as a mother who must care about them no matter whether they are bad or good pepole. Russian citizens try to lay all the responsibility for their own lives on the government. They constantly demand the government to solve all their problems and are quite capricious about the government decisions. Many citizens come to a pretty 'childish' conclusion that if Russia does not love them, they should pay the same in return. Even when Russian citizens fight for their rights, these are usually very 'childish' rights demanding social support and protection. At the end of the article the author concludes that Berdyaev's ideas are still very topical for Russia even thouh they were developed during the Revolution of 1917. Today's Russia also needs a patriotic mood and national spirits to move on. 
The heritage of transformation
Shchuplenkov O.V., . - Governance Transformation in the Process of Building a Civil Society in Russia pp. 20-88


Abstract: The author of the article underlines that in a situation of ongoing democratic political process and formation of a modern civil society, a political leader performs his actions within the framework of legal and other standards. These standards regulate interactions between the leader and his followers and transform political leadership not only into social and political institutions but also into the instutitions of political decisions and political power. Under conditions of transformations in the modern political system, the personal nature of politics is considerably expanded which makes researchers view the phenomenon of political leadership from the point of view of new methodological approaches. Specifics of modern political process are due to activization of a political leader. In this regard, researches of political leadership are becoming very important, in particular, researches of the mechanisms of the leader's managing and governing functions because success of the political system directly depeds on the results of managerial decisions of the political leader. 
Khrykov V.P. - Investments in Russia: Patterns of Development and Regress pp. 89-129


Abstract: Investments are an important tool of development in Russia. But do investments guarantee success if we don't solve the issues of state management and planning, don't achieve a proper level of social conscience, scientific development and simply health of population? The author of the article views the problem of investments in Russia from the point of view of investment and industrial development that leads the country to the secondary industrialization. According to the author, by using a complex approach  (finances, technology, science, culture, education, social security and international communication), Russia can actually achieve good results in its development. An important criterion of investments in Russia (both Russian and foreign ones) is a different territorial planning which is based on the development of small towns and retreat from metropolis policy. Only a special group ('development group') of both young initiative people and experienced Soviet professionals can create complex development based on the intelligent combination of state and private approaches. 
Transformation in political processes
Bronnikov I.A. - Implementation of Online Resources into Election Process (USA Experience) pp. 130-152


Abstract: The article is devoted to the analysis of experience and peculiarities of using the Internet in modern election campaigns run by the USA. It is noted that in the current political environment of Russia, there is a growing interest of political experts and leaders towards theoretical and practical issues of elections and influence of election campaigns on the mechanisms of government and political management. It is shown that Americans not only use the entire scope of social tools for conducting public surveys on the Internet, but also create information trends and products that are easily sold during the election period. Moreover, the model of 'digital diplomacy' involves the transmission of propaganda struggle from traditional mass media to the Internet. In this regard, the author notes that today there is a need in scientific support of election campaigns and systematic follow-up of the Internet space. Therefore, integration of Internet communications into the election process in these or those countries is an essential element of election campaigns. 
Democracy and political processes
Omel'chenko N.A., . - Concerning Democratic Idolization and Chimeras of Russian Political Liberalism and Democracy pp. 153-182


Abstract: The article is devoted to interpretation of ideas and values of liberal democracy in Russian science, political essays and political nation-building. By analyzing opinioins of Russian political leaders about the essence, problems and prospects of democracy in Russia, the authors of the present article define the reasons and consequences of inevitable distortion of liberal democracy concept in political mentality of Russians and offer ways to overcome such 'chimerization'. According to the authors, simplified evaluations of democratic ideas typical for Russian mentality before the Revolution, are now continued as the 'liberal idolization' in modern Russia. This phenomenon can be viewed asone of the archetypes of the Russian culture of government. Proving the fact of the tradition of democratic idolization in political culture of modern Russia, the authors of the article focus on the content and style of discussing a famous concept 'sovereign democracy' developed by V. Syurkov, in the Russian mass media. Based on the analysis of common indicators of democratic character of a modern state institution, it is concluded that modern Russia cannot be called a true democratic state. 
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