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Is Russia a "fragile" state.
Gryaznova Elena Vladimirovna

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, the department of Philosophy and Theology, Minin Nizhny Novgorod State Pedagogical University

603005, Russia, g. Nizhnii Novgorod, ul. Ul'yanova, 1

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Paskhin Evgenii Nikolaevich

Doctor of Philosophy

Professor, Department of Information Technologies and Telecommunications, Russian State Trade and Economics University

125993, Russia, Moskva, ul. Smolnaya, 36.

Shilovskaya Ekaterina Evgen'evna

PhD in Philosophy

Associate Professor, Department of Information Technologies and Telecommunications, Russian State Trade and Economics University

125993, Russia, Moskva, ul. Smolnaya, 36.



The modern Russia is going through a complicated period in its historical development. The situation is further complicated by the fact that the reforms and modernization of the state have no analogues in the world.  It is impossible to just take ready samples and apply them to a territorially vast and multinational subject of global community. Nevertheless, the studies show that Russia is at a critical point of its development. Either the state shall go out of crisis situation and into the path of sustainable development, or it shall be one of the "fragile" states.  In this article we analyze the existing definitions of "fragile" states and their criteria.  Using these criteria, we attempt to understand how close is Russia to the situation of a "fragile" state. In our study we used statistical datat from various sources, both Russian and foreign, as well as a large amount of information and analytical materials from official websites of scientific research centers and the Government of the Russian Federation. The studies concern the period of last six years.  The article includes analysis of Russia based upon the criteria of a "fragile" state in several spheres: living standard of the population (accessibility and quality of education, health care, social guarantees, housing, working conditions, etc.), efficiency of state administration (democracy index, protection of human rights, corruption level, national policy, etc.), efficiency of economic activities of the state (monopolism level, development of internal and external economic relations, development of small and medium-sized businesses, formation of the middle class, tax and budget policy of state, etc.). The study has shown that currently in Russia there is a low level of investment into the human capital, which is the basic element at the time of reforms.  The administration technologies, sensitivity of economy to innovations and living standards are at unsatisfactory levels.  In the opinion of the authors the main reasons for this situation is the lowering intellectual potential of the society, which is reflected in the existing negative tendencies in the systems of science, education and culture.

Keywords: fragile state, social conflict, refusal of lawfulness, refusal of service, refusal of power, democracy index, corruption, non-governmental organizations, lack of ethnical tolerance, living standards



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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