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The main slice and trends in economic manifestation of social injustice in modern Russian and its regions
Svinukhova Yuliya Nikolaevna

Scientific Associate Institute for Social and Economic Research of Ufa Scientific Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences

450000, Russia, respublika Bashkortostan, g. Ufa, ul. Prospekt Oktyabrya, 71

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The analysis of social development trends demonstrated that along with the resource and environmental problems, the reproduction and growth of social injustice comes to the forefront among the main socioeconomic problems, attaining global scales. The urgency of the question of social polarization and inequality in Russia is high. Due to this fact, the subject of this research is the social injustice as the key problem of social development of modern Russia, its cities and regions. The goal of the work lies in determination of the basic slice of social injustice and the general trends of social development. The article presents the economic manifestation of social injustice. Methodological approach of the measurement of social inequality is based on the assessment of dynamics of decile ratios and Gini coefficient, as well as identification of poverty rate of the population. At the same time, the criteria for assessing the social justice is the indexes of the living standards of population. The author describes the leading factors of social contradictions within the system of social development; establishes the dynamics or shift of the main zone of emergence of conflict potential in modern Russian from the ethnic and religious towards the socioeconomic and social-labor zone. It is established that the major common trends of social development, which are simultaneously the factors of the formation of conflict potential in modern Russian and its regions, include: dissatisfaction with financial situation and level of social differentiation, based on the extremely unequal distribution of incomes of the population; ascending dynamics of the indexes of dissatisfactory state of employment relations coupled with the level of content with the environmental situation.

Keywords: social structure, standard of living, welfare, social problems, unemployment and poverty, income differentiation, social inequality, social and economic development, conflict potential, improvement of hired labor relations



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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