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Nonprofit organizations in Russia: barriers and factors for development
Medvedeva Nataliya

PhD in Sociology

Docent, the department of Management and Administrative Management, Russian State Social University

129226, Russia, Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Vil'gel'ma Pika, 4

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Frolova Elena Viktorovna

Doctor of Sociology

Professor, the department of Management and Administrative Management, Russian State Social University

129226, Russia, Moscow, g. Moscow, ul. Vil'gel'ma Pika, 4

Ryabova Tat'yana Mikhailovna

PhD in Sociology

Docent, the department of Management and Administrative Management, Russian State Social University

129226, Russia, Moscow, g. Moscow, ul. Vil'gel'ma Pika, 4



The subject of this research is the functioning of the nonprofit sector, peculiarities and problems of cooperation of the nonprofit organizations with the government authorities of the Russian Federation. At the present stage, there is contradiction between the need for development of the nonprofit sector, as the key compensator of dysfunctions within the system of social services, and escalation of the risks and threats that limit its effectiveness. The goal of this work consists in the analysis of the fundamental problems of functioning of the nonprofit organizations under the current Russian circumstances, search for the methods of increasing its sustainability and adaptiveness, as well as provision of constructive cooperation with the government. The scientific novelty lies in determination of limitations and factors for development of the nonprofit sector in Russia. The key berries in development of the nonprofit sector in Russia imply the following: low level of financial, infrastructure and human resource security; weakness of state support; lack of the volunteering resources. The strategic directions of development of the nonprofit sector in the Russian Federation are: ensuring various approaches towards cooperation with the nonprofit organizations in terms of the territorial differentiation; legal, information, and strategic support of its initiatives; professional training of personnel; popularization of volunteering activity among population, including highly qualified individuals for realization of the auxiliary functions (legal, accounting, marketing); and increasing the efficiency of state aid.

Keywords: social services, government bodies, social partnership, government services, social services register, non-commercial organizations, non-profit sector, resources, volunteering, activity



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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Federal'nyi zakon ot 28.12.2013g. №442 «Ob osnovakh sotsial'nogo obsluzhivaniya grazhdan v Rossiiskoi Federatsii».
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