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The nature of social adaptation and methods of its examination
Rostovtseva Marina Viktorovna

PhD in Philosophy

Docent, the department of Social Technologies, Siberian Federal University

660030, Russia, Krasnoyarsk, Vilskogo Street 18a, unit #58

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The subject of this research is the social adaptation of an individual, which is understood as a relation of a man with social environment aimed at resolving the emerging contradictions between them. The author raises a question about the methods of examining the social adaptation, as well as make a conclusion that the social process of adaptation must be studied in phases, and moreover, the stages of adaptation correspond with the stages of resolution of social contradictions by a person. Such “pointwise” reviews of this process allows effectively managing it under the certain circumstances of human life, affect the particular “problem zones”, as well as provide correctional and practical assistance. Conclusion is made that the application of methodological approach towards social adaptation, which allows “splitting” the adaptation process into stages and studying it in intervals, will contribute into determination of the adaptation difficulties at each period of the process that implies resolution of contradictions, which will help the efficiently manage the adaptation process in the particular life circumstances. That is when adaptation can be considered as an effective way of socialization of an individual. The article introduces the definition of adaptiveness as a state of content of an individual and society with the result of resolving the problem situation. The author highlights the criteria of a successful social adaptation: cognitive, axio-cultural, communicative, and behavioral. Cognitive criterion implies the ability of intellect to structure the information models of solutions adequate to each situation; axio-cultural means the ability to comprehend the norms and values of social environment; communicative consists in the knowledge to build relationship, achieve mutual understanding with other people and social groups; and behavioral is the orientation towards active overcoming of difficulties, readiness to the suggested by society types of activity under the conditions of self-expression of the individual abilities of a person.

Keywords: Managing method, Control, Contradiction, Development, Socialization, Stages of adaptation, Adaptiveness, Society, Personality, Adaptation



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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