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List of peer reviewers

GUSEINOV ABDUSALAM ABDULKERIMOVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences. 

ZASOPETSKY ALEXANDER SERGEEVICH — Doctor of Cultural Studies, professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, honored artist of the Russian Federation, member of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Education, rector at St. Petersburg University of Labor Unions.

ILINSKY IGOR MIKHAILOVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, Rector of Moscow humanitarian University. 

BONDYREVA SVETLANA KONSTANTINOVNA — Doctor of Psychology, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Education, rector at Moscow Psychological and Social University.

GIRENOK FEDOR IVANOVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, assistant manager of the department of philosophical anthropology and complex human research at Lomonosov Moscow State University.

GUBMAN BORIS LVOVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, head of the department at State University of Twer.

LAPIN NIKOLAY IVANOVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, corresponding member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the Department of Axiology and Philosophical Anthropology at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences.

LEKTORSKIY VLADISLAV ALEXANDROVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of the Division of Theory of Knowledge at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, editor-in-chief of the Questions of Philosophy Journal.

LUKOV VALERY ANDREEVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, scientific and publishing prorector, head of the Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies at Moscow University for the Humanities.

LUKOV VLADIMIR ANDREEVICH — Doctor of Philology, professor, honored scientist of the Russian Federation, director of the Theory and History of Culture Center at Institute of Fundamental and Applied Studies, professor of the Department of Philological Studies at Moscow University for the Humanities.

RAZLOGOV KIRILL EMILEVICH — Doctor of Art History, Professor, director at Russian Institute of Cultural Studies, honored art worker of the Russian Federation.

RULEVA ANNA NIKOLAEVNA — Doctor of Cultural Studies, Chief Scientific Officer and Head of the Centre of continuous cultural Education of the Russian Institute for Cultural Studies

REZNIK YURY MIKHAILOVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, chief research officer at Institute of Philosophy of the Russian Academy of Sciences, editor-in-chief of the Personality. Culture. Society Journal.

STEPIN VYACHESLAV SEMENOVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, academic secretary of the Department of Social Sciences at Russian Academy of Sciences of the Russian Federation.

FILATOV OLEG KONSTANTINOVICH — Doctor of Pedagogy, professor.

CHUMAKOV ALEXANDER NIKOLAEVICH — Doctor of Philosophy, professor, the first vice- President of the Russian Society of Philosophers.

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