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Professional training of police officers
Chernykh V.V., Kutygin Y.A. - pp. 1-8


Makarov V.M., Zhuravlev A.A. - Self-defense and martial arts in the activities of internal affairs officers of the Russian Federation pp. 45-213


Abstract: Martial arts (combat section of sambo) are an integral part of physical training in the police department, they are designed to repel an attack, fast and safely dispose of an offender. In addition, martial arts are an integral part of self-defense. For a better and deeper exploration of the techniques studied by this discipline the officer should first, at least theoretically, study the system of self-defense, and then, enriched with the knowledge, practically train the basic fighting techniques.This article consists of two parts. The first part briefly presents the theory of self-defense. The second part describes the basic and the most effective methods of sambo.
Dolgikh I.P. - Training of Police Officers in Russia: the Correct Way to Go? pp. 46-55


Abstract: The subject of the research is the principles and patterns, contents and organisation of training police officers in the Russian Federation. The object of the research is the primary training of law enforcement officers of the world's leading powers and Russia. The purpose of the research is to improve the training of police officers. Goals of the research include: 1) to analyze the modern condition of training police officers in Russia and to define developmnent trends and drawbacks of the current system of training; 2) to develop recommendations on how to improve vocational training of police officers. The methodological basis of the research is the theory of knowledge and research results related to application of the knowledge theory to the system of training. To achieve the research goals and objectives, the author has used theoretical and empirical methods. The novelty of the research are caused by the following facts: 1. The author gave an objective analysis of the current state of the vocational training for persons newly recruited to the police. 2. For the first time in the academic literature the author gave a principled assessment of the organisation and the quality of police training in the faculties of vocational training at educational institutions of the MIA of Russia. 3. The author developed offers on optimization of vocational training of police officers.
Kostyuchenko K., Nazarov M. - Character Situational Targets for Law Enforcement Agencies pp. 56-62


Abstract: The subject of the research is the problems of training law enforcement officers to use weapons. Each law enforcement officer needs not only to be able to shoot in any conditions but also to immediately make the right decisions about whether to use weapons or not in accordance with the law. It is possible to practice typical situations in which it may be necessary to use weapons only if special situational targets are used (police or tactical targets). However, the targets that are used nowadays have certain drawbacks: high cost, limited scope of application, etc. The methodological basis of the research involved general philosophical methods such as observation or modeling as well as the method of comparative analysis and systems approach. The main conclusion of the research is that training should model all kinds of real situations. This is why the authors offer to use innovative character situational targets that are standard targets with role elements (a knife, gun, grenade, etc.) and consequently more universal and less expensive. 
Dolgikh I.P. - Problems and prospects of vocational training of internal affairs bodies' officers in the Russian Federation pp. 60-71


Abstract: The subject of the research covers pedagogical regularities, principles, content and organization of professional training of  the Ministry of internal Affairs' officers of the Russian Federation.The aim of the study is improvement of professional training of internal affairs bodies' officers. The tasks of the research are: 1. Analysis of the recent condition of professional training of firstly employed officers of different ranks, revelation of tendencies of its development and the existing contradictions. 2. Development of suggestions about optimization of professional training of internal affairs bodies' officers. The methodology of the research is based on the theory of cognition and the scientific developments of its adoption in the system of professional education. The author uses theoretical and practical methods. The novelty of the research lies in the fact that it provides an objective analysis of the recent condition of the system of professional training of the internal affairs bodies' employees. It reveals essential drawbacks of professional education courses of internal affairs bodies' officers of different ranks, suggests certain ways of their improvement. The paper develops the suggestions about professional training optimization. 
Sazhinova E.V., Pshenichnaya V.V. - Law Enforcement Officers' Personal Qualities Affecting the Efficiency of Their Professional Activity pp. 63-69


Abstract: The subject of the research is the law enforcemet officers' personal qualities affecting the efficiency of their professional activity. The authors of the article view professionally important qualities as certain dynamic personality characteristics, psychic and psychomotor attributes (associated with particular psychic and psychomotor processes) as well as physical properties that are necessary for adjusting to a particular speciality and successful acquisition of particular skills. The authors of the article analyze a great number of different approaches to defining 'professionally important qualities'. The authors provide a summary of the main conceptual approaches to developing professionally important qualities of law enforcement officers. The theoretical and methodological basis of the research involves fundamental principles of personality psychology as well as the main theoretical provisions of the activity approach to personality development. The author's contribution to the topic is caused by the fact that based on the theoretical analysis, they aim at defining professionally important qualities of law enforcement officers. Analysis of diagnostic data obtained in the course of the research proves that professionally important qualities of law enforcement officers should include emotional resilience, high responsibility and low level of trait anxiety. 
Dikarev V.G., . - Modern teaching organization methods for retraining within the framework of advanced professional training of the officers of law enforcement bodies pp. 75-89


Abstract: The article provides a description of teaching in the framework of professional retraining and advanced training of the officers of the Internal Affairs bodies in accordance with the (innovative) module-and-block model and introduction  of an active form of teaching into the teaching process. The advanced training in the system of advanced training of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation as an advanced training after graduation for those who are providing official service in the sphere of public order guarantees. The article describes main goals of this teaching and its innovative characteristics. It is noted that application of innovative methods and teaching has a positive impact upon the professional skills of students. Necessity of advanced studies and improvement of professional knowledge and skills are required to serve in accordance with the current legislation and the progressive experience in the law enforcement services of Russia and foreign countries in the sphere of fighting crime.
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