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Informational support of the police
Kurakin A.V., Karpukhin D.V., Ostroushko A.V., Vorob'eva Y.Y., Ponomoreva M.A. - Legal Aspects of Opposition to the Harmful Influence of the Internet on Child Psyche pp. 35-55


Abstract: The article is devoted to the current attitude of the Russian Federation law and system of education to protection of children from suicide propaganda via the Internet. The object of the reseaerch is the protection of children from information that may be harmful for their life and health. This is an important task of the state and essential part of the country's information security measures. The authors of the article carry out analysis of algorithms used by Internet users for the purpose of creating efficient legal and social measures of prevention of harmful influence on the children. The research is based on the analysis of relevant acts and regulations as well as researches in the sphere of law, social studies and education. The authors obtained quite an amount of data that describe the influence of harmful suicidal information on children via the Internet and performed a statistical processing of that data. In particular, there was a special survey carried out that involved 179 respondents (19.7 % of the respondents aged from 18 to 20, 35.5 % aged from 21 to 30, 28.9 % aged from 31 to 40 and 15.9 % were older than 40 years old). In terms of profession, 56.6 % of respondents were laywers and 9.2 % were teachers. The results of the research give an in-depth insight into the role of the law and social control instutitions in prevention of suicidal threats among the underaged. In conclusion, the authors make recommendations regarding how to improve legal and social measures aimed at prevention of suicidal threats on the Internet. 
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