Электронный журнал Вопросы безопасности - №5 за 2016 г - Содержание, список статей. ISSN: 2409-7543 - Издательство NotaBene
Security Issues
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Contents of Issue № 05/2016
Technologies and methodology of security systems
Novak K.V., Vinokurova Y.S. - The method used to study the potential effectiveness of external skeletons as parts of tactical gear of military personnel pp. 1-10


Abstract: The quantitative description of external skeletons’ features doesn’t provide the unambiguous understanding of effectiveness of their use. The preliminary assessment of their effectiveness can be carried out on the base of operations research method (mathematical modeling of bilateral military operations). For this purpose, the modeling research, used to study the potential effectiveness of external skeletons, has been developed; it is based on analytical description of the process of bilateral military operations with the help of Lanchester-Osipov equations, in which the results of interaction between the fighting units on each stage are considered not as random, but as equal to their average. The research methodology includes the operations research method, mathematical modeling, system analysis, military cybernetics, the reliability theory and human factors engineering. The authors develop the mathematical support for the modeling research complex, used to study the potential effectiveness of external skeletons, based on Lanchester-Osipov equations. The results of mathematical modeling prove the necessity to develop external skeletons, designed for military use, in order to improve the effectiveness of military operations of armored infantry units. 
Transformation of national security systems
Belyaeva G.S., Belyaev V.P. - Modern national security conceptions of foreign states: legal aspect pp. 11-23


Abstract: The paper analyzes the main provisions of modern conceptions of national security of foreign states. The authors consider the reasons for their adoption, the approaches to the interpretation of national interests, the threats to national interests and the system of measures and methods of national security protection in different countries. Special attention is given to the role of Russia in the international legal space in the context of the national security conceptions of the USA and some other foreign states. The authors ascertain and systematize the peculiarities of foreign approaches to national security protection. The research is based on various general scientific methods of cognition: analysis and synthesis, abstraction, modeling, the system structural, functional and formal-logical approaches. The article can have both a theoretical and a branch application; it is an interdisciplinary study which is aimed at the establishment of conceptual approaches to understanding of national security and the mechanisms of its protection in different countries. The authors carry out the comparative analysis of the experience of strategic legal regulation of national security issues in foreign states, which is necessary in the context of new global challenges. 
Reliability factor in security systems
Sulimov K.T., Ibragimova O.A. - Electronic and conventional methods of detection during vehicle search for narcotic and explosive substances: the limits of competition pp. 24-33


Abstract: The research subject is the methods of electronic and bio-detection of explosive and narcotic substances, which are applied by transport services or are being developed in the Russian Federation, and the requirements to drugs, used for detection dogs training. The author describes the examples of specifications of requirements to the production of substances, substituting explosives, the algorithms of production of the equipment for dogs training and the measures for their effective use. The author summarizes the results of a more than a three decades-long work with detection dogs, including the search for narcotic and explosive substances. The author describes the algorithms of preparation of the equipment and the materials for detection dogs training by dog specialists of security services. The scientific novelty consists in the substantiated critical understanding of negative processes, developing in security services and anti-terrorist services during the transition from the use of bio-detection to the electronic means of detection of narcotic and explosive substances and microsamples of these substances for the preparation of dogs for imitating analogs. 
Legal support of national security
Agamagomedova S. - The effectiveness of customs control as a factor of safety provision pp. 34-42


Abstract: The research object is the correlation of concepts “customs control” and “safety”. Despite the fact that customs agencies are traditionally considered as government agencies, ensuring public and state security, the issues of correlation between customs control and safety provision haven’t been studied sufficiently enough. The author presents her own position on the definition of the correlation of security and effectiveness of customs control. The author pays attention to the fact that at present, the issues of personal safety, the safety of the society and the state in customs regulation are especially important, since they appeal to the constitutional rights and personal freedoms. The author applies general scientific (analysis, synthesis, systematization) and special (formal-legal and comparative-legal) research methods. The author comes to the conclusions about the correlation of customs control, its effectiveness and safety. Firstly, the author states that safety provision is the fundamental principle and the aim of customs control. Secondly, the effectiveness of customs control is considered by the author as a factor of safety provision. Consequently, the provision of the necessary level of safety is the most important criterion of the effectiveness of customs control. 
Deryugin R.A. - Criminalistic and procedural issues of investigating activities, specified in the article 186.1 of the Criminal Procedure Code of the Russian Federation pp. 43-48


Abstract: The article considers certain tactical, criminalistic and procedural aspects of acquisition of information about the connections between subscribers or subscribers’ units, and presents the researchers’ opinions about the concept of “integrity” in relation to such investigating activities. The author analyzes the structure of stages of this investigating action and offers the recommendations for the improvement of its effectiveness. The author notes the importance of the results of this investigating action, since the information about subscribers and their connections is of a particular importance for criminal cases investigation. The author applies the set of general scientific and special research methods, including the normative-logical method, the system method, analysis, synthesis, deduction, induction and other research methods. The scientific novelty of the study consists in the fact that this research is devoted to the peculiarities of acquisition of information about the connections between subscribers and (or) subscribers’ units. In the context of the development of the information society, in which the means of communication can be used not only be law-abiding citizens, but also by criminals, the investigating action, specified in the article 186.1 of the Criminal Procedure Code, helps law-enforcement agencies effectively realize the priority areas of activity, such as the investigation and the solution of corruption crimes, organized crimes and other grave and especially grave crimes. 
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