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Media Culture Transformation Threats Against the Rapid Growth of Information Volumes and Global Spread of Information and Communication Technologies
Gritsan Anna Viktorovna

Master of Political Sciences

96102, Russia, Krymskii avtonomnyi okrug, g. Dzhankoi, ul. Krupskoi, 141, kv. 5



The present article is devoted to global transformations of media culture as a result of the growing media space and standartization of cultural images. The author of the article deines actual threats to national security that result from ongoing changes. The author pays special attention to the process of diversification of information flows and prevailing role of western goods on the world information market. Gritsan describes specific features of such tendencies and changes in modern Russia. The aim of the research is to define prerequisites, causes and particularities of the media culture crisis as well as associated threats. The methodological basis of the research involves the value analysis method, anthropological and structural functional analysis, and general research methods. The results of the research prove the concern regarding global transformation of media culture that promote consumer style of life. The author of the article summarizes opinions on current changes in the media culture, gives an evaluation of the modern period of information space development and focuses on the relevant position of Russia on the matter. This article presents an interdisciplinary research that has important practical results. The results of the research can be used by state authorities to develop efficient media policy. 

Keywords: diversification, domination, media culture, mass culture, information market, information and communication technologies, media, information flows, transformation, impact



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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