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Monograph peer reviews
Abdulin R.S. - Review of Ekaterina Alekseevskaya's Monograph 'Judicial Service Development Patterns' pp. 44-56


Abstract: The object of this research is the paragraph 'History of the Origin and Development of Russia's Judicial System', chapter 'Russia's Judicial System', monograph 'Judicial Service Development Patterns' (published in Moscow in 2016). In his review Abdulin analyzes research objectives of the monograph's author and how successfully she has achieved them in the process of substantiating the theory of the dialectical development of Russia's judicial system and describing its development patterns. The author of this article comments that the research lacks analysis of substantial researches on the matter and focuses on the weak points in the research as well as wrong facts which plays a crucial role for the development of the theory of the dialectical development of Russia's judicial system. The analysis performed by the author is based on the principle of historicism (historical-genetic method) that allows to relate each stage of the development to the previous or following stages. The scientific novelty of the monograph is caused by the fact that Alekseevksaya analyzes the genesis of the theory and history of functional judicial system and organisation of judicial activity that would promote the substantiation of the theory of the dialectical development of Russia's judicial system and search for its patterns. Based on his analysis of the aforesaid paragraph, the reviewer highlights the drawbacks of the research to be noted by the author of the monograph. 
Sapfirova A.A., Adrianovskaya T.L. - Review of the Manual 'Legal Regulation of Labor Relations with a Foreign Element within the BRICS Countries' pp. 58-62


Abstract: The subject of the research is the manual 'Legal Regulation of Labor Relations with a Foreign Element within the BRICS Countries' of Professor Belikova published in Moscow in 2017. The authors of the article analyze the contents of the manual and share their opinion and ideas about it. They focus on the methodologies described in the manual. The authors highly approve of the manual and underline its importance for lecturing and teaching. They also highly think of the research prospects thereof and give their critical comments. In the course of writing their article the authors have used research methods such as analysis, synthesis, dialectics, etc. The review made by the authors is a creative interpretation of a wide circle of interesting and important issues that arise in the sphere of labor and international law of the BRICS countries. 
Belikova K.M. - Review of the book by E.V. Aristov The role of political parties in the formation of a social state pp. 60-63


Abstract: The research object is the scientific monograph by E.V. Aristov, PhD in legal sciences, entitled “The role of political parties in the formation of a social state” (Moscow: Iuniti-Dana, 2016). The author of the scientific review considers this scientific monograph from the position of the relevance of the complex scientific model, proposed in the study. The reviewer connects the content of the monograph with the recent election in the Russian Federation and the topic of a social state (a welfare state). The research methodology is defined by the purposes of scientific reviewing and includes the methods of analysis, induction and deduction and the method of prognostic modeling. The reviewer concludes about the topicality and relevance of the monograph, fitting in the educational process and containing a fundamentally new scientific approach. 
Savchenko M.S. - Review of the Monograph 'Goncharov V. V. Constitutional and Legal Bases of Social Control in the Russian Federation' Published in Moscow in 2019 pp. 76-82


Abstract: This article contains a review of the monograph 'Goncharov V. V. Constitutional and Legal Bases of Social Control in the Russian Federation' published in Moscow in 2019. The monograph is written by PhD in Law, Vitaly Goncharov, in 2019. His research covers important issues. According to Savchenko, this is the first Russian research to analyze the aforesaid institution of civil society in Russia from the point of view of its basic guarantee of enforcing constitutional principles and participation of the Russian Federation citizens in state activitity as well as execution and protection of rights, freedoms and legal interests of both Russian citizens and Russian associations. In this research Savchenko has applied such research methods as systems approach, dialectical approach, formal law, historical law, structured system analysis, structural-functional analysis, statistical, sociological, comprative law, formal law methods, description and analysis of particular legal cases, expert methods (expert reviews and policy briefs). The reviewer believes that Goncharov's monograph fully satisfies the requirements of applicable Russian Federation laws for this kind of research and thus is of great interest both for theorists and practical experts of law. The monograph can be used in teaching process (in particular, Master and Bachelor studies of law).
Isaev V.I. - Towards the optimal structure of judicial system: peer review of the book The Dynamics of Judicial Transformations in Russia in the late XIX early XXI centuries (historical and legal research) by V. M. Bolshakova pp. 108-116


Abstract: The subject of this research is the peer review of the monograph by Valentina Mikhailovna Bolshakova on the topic “Dynamics of Judicial Reforms in Russia in the late XIX – early XXI centuries (historical and legal research)” published in 2021. The author underlines the timeliness, relevance, structure and main findings of the monograph, and indicates that this work is an important stage in the development of theoretical-methodological grounds for the improvement of modern judicial system in the Russian Federation. The conducted analysis allows assessing the monograph by V. M. Bolshakova as a fundamental study of the domestic judicial system for over a century-long period. The book introduces a new scientific direction in the history of state and law – tracing the dynamics of transformations of government bodies in a particular country for an extensive historical period. This direction suggest comprehensive analysis of not only the overall dynamics of judicial transformations, but also their causes, problems of implementation, results, as well as examination of judicial legislation, principles of organization of the judicial system, its elements, evolution of separate institutions, and periodization. For the first time in scientific literature, in the context of tracing the dynamics of the Russian judicial transformations, analysis of is conducted on the international court of justice, jury trials, bailiffs, and appeals using the methodology of chrono-discrete mono-geographic comparative jurisprudence.
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