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Legal Studies

Fundamentals for the computer point-digital model of dermal glyphic characteristics of the phalangettes.

Zvyagin Viktor Nikolaevich

Doctor of Medicine

Head of the Department of Medical Criminalistic Identification of the Russian Center of Judicial Medical Expertise of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia

125284, Russia, Moskva, ul. Polikarpova, d.12/13

Другие публикации этого автора

Fomina Elena Evgen'evna

PhD in Technical Science

Senior Scientific Researcher, the Russian Center of Judicial Medical Expertise of the Ministry of Healthcare of Russia.

125284, Russia, Moskva, ul. Polikarpova, 12/13.

Другие публикации этого автора

Rakitin Valerii Alekseevich

Senior Scientific Researcher, the Russian Center for Judicial Medical Expertise of the Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation

125284, Russia, Moskva, ul. Polikarpova, 12/13.




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Over 20 years of development of Russian judicial medical dermal glyphic studies show that the it may be applied only via creating computer software. It is undoubted that the "Dermatogliphica" software, which was developed in 124 SML in 1996 was a significant achievement of the practical dermal glyphic studies. However,  search and definition of elements was by visual examination, and marking was done by hand, which included a subjective element into the complex of identification issues  resolved based on dermal glyphic studies. The article is aimed at minimizing the influence of subjective factor when interpreting dermal glyphic elements. In order to create such a classification, new decisions on structural basis for the papillary pictures and their coordinate basis, method for the ridge count and other characteristics of the papillary pictures.   Dermal glyphic studies and dactylography have many classifications, which were developed depending on the goals, which needed to be achieved in a certain branch of science (clinical medicine, judicial medicine, criminalistic anthropology, etc.). That is why there is a large variety of sub-types of curves, loops and curls depending on height and orientation of the pattern, its symmetry or assymmetry, forms and structure of lines in the central part of the pattern and other characteristic features, reflecting the details in the structure of the papillary pattern, and this work includes an attempt to provide their mathematical description.

Keywords: phalangettes, dermal glyphic characteristics of the phalangettes, practical dermal glyphic studies, dermal glyphic elements, criminalistic anthropology, Galton's positions, interphalangeal line, ridge counting, distal skeletal line, metric meaning of the pattern
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

Rakitin V.A., Zvyagin V.N. K voprosu o prakticheskom primenenii dermatoglificheskoi identifikatsii na primere ustanovleniya lichnostei, pogibshikh v khode kontrterroristicheskoi operatsii na Severnom Kavkaze // Voprosy sudebnoi meditsiny, meditsinskogo prava i bioetiki: sb. nauch. tr., posvyashch. 90-letiyu kafedry sudebnoi meditsiny Samarskogo gos. med. un-ta. – Samara, Ofort, 2011. – S. 170–178.
Rakitin V.A., Samarin A.I., Samarin M.A. «Dermatoglifika». Komp'yuternaya programma skanirovaniya, razmetki i analiza priznakov pal'tsevykh uzorov ruk i nog v semeinykh gruppakh i mezhdu nimi. – M.: 124 SML SKVO, 1996.
Galton F. Finger prints. – New York, 1892. – 216 p.
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