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Legal Studies

Legal Regulation of Environmental Protection in Industrial Parks of Asian States: the Case Study of Vietnam

Ta Van Khoi

post-graduate student at Hanoian Law University

​10000, V'etnam, g. Khanoi, ul. Nguen Chi Tkhan', 87




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The article is devoted to the issues that may arise in the process of legal regulation of environmental protection in industrial parks of a number of Asian states. The researcher analyzes the experience of particular countries in developing their legal policy of environmental protection in industrial parks. Based on the analysis of legal acts that regulate environmental protection in industrial countries of some Asian countries, the author of the article proves that the legal base of the aforesaid problem is better regulated in other Asian countries compared to Vietnam. The author has applied the following research methods: comparative law analysis (to compared Vietnam and other Asian states' laws on environmental protection) and statistical analysis (to analyze particular aspects of law-enforcement practice). The author emphasizes the importance of a developed system of legal acts that regulate activity of industrial parks and environmental protection in such parks. The law-making experience of the states analyzed in this research may be useful for successful implementation of similar laws in Vietnam. 

Keywords: air, water, protection, waste, environment, industrial park, Vietnam, noise, pollution, emission certificate
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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