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Legal Studies

Legal Regulation of Production, Spread, and Implementation of Scientific Information and Innovations in the BRICS countires on the example of the RSA (Some Aspects of Intellectual Rights Protection)

Belikova Ksenia Michailovna

Doctor of Law

Professor, the department of Civil Law and Procedure and International Private Law, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

117198, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Miklukho-Maklaya, 6, of. 359

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The article observes the issue of legal regulation of the production, spread, and implementation of scientific information (including the technical one) in the context of the protection of intellectual rights in one of the BRICS countries - the RSA. The article analyzes a number of laws in this sphere (the Law no 51 of 2008 On the Right of Intellectual Ownership of Researches and Inventions Financed by the Government (rev. 2014), Law no 98 1978 On the Author's Right (rev. 2008)), acts and documents of a strategic character (for example, the SA National Development Plan till 2030) and others). The study presents the main idea of one of the key precedents in the sphere of scientific (patent) information development in the RSA. The author forms the institutional structure aimed at science development, accumulation, as well as the spread and protection of scientific information and innovation development. Also, she gives the functionality of a number of elements of such a structure. In the course of the research, the author has implied such methods of scientific knowledge as general scientific, dialectical, and historical methods, as well as a method of rather-legal analysis. The author relies on the subjective-objective orientation of the processes and phenomena. The novelty of the study is due to the complex research of the RSA approaches to legal regulation of the issues of production, spread, and implementation of scientific information and innovation from the perspective of the right of intellectual ownership. The article concludes that the development of science and technology and the aiming at building a state of innovative type in the RSA continues. However, the RSA faces the frets (for example, the reduction (migration) of human capital, lacking financing of science, optimization of Higher Education, etc.) which can affect the success of the conducted politics in this sphere. 

Keywords: production, intellectual rights, implementation, innovative state, state financing, protection, sience, scientific information, BRICS, SA
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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