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Legal Studies

Criminal Institution of Judicial Fine in a Number of Foreign States

Lutsenko Nadezhda Sergeevna

adjunct of the Department of Criminal Law, Criminology and Execution Law at Far Eastern Law Institute under the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia

680020, Russia, Khabarovskii krai, g. Khabarovsk, per. Kazarmennyi, 15




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The article is devoted to comparison of legislations in a number of foreign states (Republic of Belarus, Republic of Moldova, Republic of Kazakhstan, Republic of Lithuania, Kyrgys Republic, etc.) in order to discover institutions that would be similar to the institution of judicial fine. The object of the research is the social relations arising as a result of relief from criminal responsibility (decision not to prosecute) accompanied with infliction of compulsory payment to the government's budget on a liable person. The subject of this research is the criminal and procedural laws of foreign states. The aim of the research is to discover legal instituations similar to the institution of judicial fine used by foreign states and to carry out their comparative analysis as well as to describe areas to be improved. The methodological basis of the research includes general and special research methods such as analysis, synthesis, comparison, generalisation, comparative law, formal law analysis and systems approach. The scientific novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the researcher discovers laws similar to those that were issued in the Russian Federation in 2016 about the institution of judicial fine as well as proposes areas of improvement of these laws. As a result the research, the author finds similar institutions in a number of foreign states. In order to improve associated legal provisions, the author suggests to eliminate certain gaps in the law regulating judicial fine taking into account the experience of the foreign states. 

Keywords: elimination, victim fund, compulsory payment, an offense, eadministrative liability, criminal law measure, transaction, criminal liability, judicial fine, termination of the criminal case
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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