Статья 'Проблемы ограничения принципа неприкосновенности собственности на примере программы реновации жилищного фонда в г. Москве. ' - журнал 'Юридические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Legal Studies

Restriction of the Principle of Inviolability of Onwership Based on the Example of the Housing Renovation Program in Moscow

Pozhidaev Vitaliy Evgenyevich

PhD in Law

Post-graduate student, the department of Civil Law and Proceedings, Moscow University for Industry and Finance "Synergy”

125190, Russia, gorod Moskva, g. Moscow, Leningradskii prospekt, 80 korpus G

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Abstract: The subject of this article is the social relations that may arise as a result of the restricted principle of invoilability of ownership. The author analyzes the problem of ungrounded restrictions of the property rights based on the example of The Housing Renovation Program in Moscow. He focuses on such principles as the adequacy of restrictions and their correspondence to the public interest as well as the balance between private and public interests. The author of the article also pays attention to the constitutional grounds of inviolability of ownership and proportionality criterion for the legal restriction of property rights. Within the framework of this research, Pozhidaev has used general research methods including analogy, induction, deduction, and comparison. He has also applied the systems approach, formal law analysis and content analysis of the Federal Law on Renovation of July 1, 2017. The novelty of the research is caused by the fact that the Renovation Program and legal regulation of civil, land and city-planning relations have not become the matter of in-depth analysis so far due to the novelty of the issue. The author comes to the conclusion that the regulation set forth by the Law on Renovation partly violates the principles of proportionality and adequacy of property rights restriction and thus needs to be amended in order to restore the balance between private and public interests. 

Keywords: exemption of property, restrictive means, Civil law principles, public interest, right of property, property, Inviolability of ownership, renovation, demolition of emergency housing, civil law
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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