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Legal Studies

The Influence of the Spanish Mining Law on the Legal Regulation of Argentina's Mining Industry

Nikonovich Sergei Leonidovich

Doctor of Law

Professor of the Department of Law Disciplines at Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies

141222, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', pos. Cherkizovo, ul. Glavnaya, 99

Avdalyan Artur Yashevich

PhD in Law

Associate Professor of the Department of Law Disciplines at Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies

141222, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', pos. Cherkizovo, ul. Glavnaya, 99

Bocharov Aleksandr Vladimirovich

PhD in Law

Associate Professor of the Department of Law Disciplines at Russian State University of Tourism and Services Studies

141222, Russia, Moskovskaya oblast', pos. Cherkizovo, ul. Glavnaya, 99




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Abstract: The research offers a brief description of the main provisions of the Mining Code of Argentina of 1886. They specify the influence of the Spanish mining law on the mining law of Argentina. The law divides all mining companies into three classes and regulates the extraction of mineral resources (mining), permissible areas and registration of lands with mineral resources, issuance of temporary permits and mining licenses, transfer of promising areas to concession or property, payment of mining taxes and levies to the public treasury, etc. depending on which class a company is referred to. In their research the authors have applied the general dialectical research method as well as special research methods such as comparative law, historical and formal logical analysis. In conclusion, the authors state that the mining law of Argentina has been developoing on the basis of Spanish mining law in particular and European mining law in general. For example, the mining law of Argentina adopted the principle of mining freedom that means that everyone may seek for and extract mineral resources in state or private territories. The law also defines the actors of the mining law and rules for issuance of temporary permits and mining licenses for the search and developmkent of mineral resources, permissible sizes of mining leases, the procedure of transferring mining leases to concession or property, the procedure of the seizure of the mining lease, and payment of mining taxes and levies. The mining code of Argentina of 1886 is the legal basis for the creation and development of civilized mining industry of Argentina. Over century and a half the law has been regulating the processes of the search for and extraction of mineral resources. The republic has a lot of places where various kinds of ore and minerals are extracted, thus the mining law contributes to the success of mining in the region.   

Keywords: mining law, land plot, mining taxes, license for mining, mining, minerals, land on which the mining area of the mining lease, mines, landfills, mining code of Argentina
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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