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Interaction of criminal and civil law in the context of their conceptual nature
Zhinkina Tatiana

Postgraduate at Kuban State University, Senior Lecturer at Kuban State Socio-Economic Institute 

350089, Russia, Krasnodar, ul. Prospekt Chekistov, 19



The author analyzes the popular topic of penetration of private principles into public law and public principles into private law. On the basis of doctrinal sources and her own arguments, the author resists such a presentation of a problem. Using the examples of criminal and civil law, the author describes the cases of interaction between these branches of law. In the attempt to prove that there are no mixed public-private institutions, the author states that even the institution of public-private partnership is actually public. The author analyzes doctrinal sources. From the position of the system approach, public and private branches of law are seemed as integral components of the system of contemporary Russian law. The author insists that it is possible to speak about the connection, mutual communication, but not about the mixture or confluence of criminal and civil law. The connection between them does exist objectively, while the manifestations of this connection, their technical and legal formalization in the description of the composition of crime in the text of the Criminal Code are created, changed and terminated by the legislator. It is possible to predict the occurrence of new legal rules and methods, which would reflect the connection between the provisions of different branches of law. 

Keywords: public-private partnership, interbranch relations, discretion, imperativeness, fundamentals of law, private law, public law, system of law, Criminal Code, private interests



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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