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Legal Studies

Organisation of Judicial Compliance Assessment in Latin American Countries
Solovyev Andrey Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Law

Deputy President of the Commercial Court of Moscow region, Doctor of Law, Professor at Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Professor at Moscow State Pedagogical University 

107053, Russia, g. Moscow, Prospekt Akademika Sakharova, 18

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The article is devoted to analyzing different models of judicial compliance assessment (procedure for judicial test of compliance of legal acts to precedent legal acts) that are executed by judicial authorities of different kind with both general and specific jurisdiction within the framework of constitutional, criminal, civil or administrative legal proceedings (independently or with a later appealing to constitutional courts or other competent judicial authorities). The author of the article focuses on how these models are applied in Latin American countries. Using the methods of analysis, synthesis, comparison, specification, and generalisation the author analyses state models of judicial compliance assessment used by the foreign states as well as approaches to classification of these models. In particular, the author examines the institution of judicial compliance assessment in a number of Latin American countries such as Argentine Republic, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, United Mexican States, Republic of Costa Rica, Republic of Ecuador, and Federative Republic of Brazil. In conclusion the author describes advantages of the system of 'disperse' judicial compliance assessment in Latin American countries. 

Keywords: Federative Republic of Brazil, Republic of Ecuador, Peru, Republic of Costa Rica, United Mexican States, Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, Argentine Republic, Latin America, administrative legal proceedings, judicial compliance assessment



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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