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Legal Studies

Legal regulation of labor in Russia: history and modern tendencies of development

Epifanova Elena Vladimirovna

PhD in Law

Associate professor at Kuban State Agrarian University 

350089, Russia, Krasnodar, ul. Bul'var Platanovyi, 9

Pavlisova Tat'yana Evgen'evna

PhD in Law

Docent, the department of Theory and History of State and Law, Kuban State Agrarian University 

350044, Russia, Krasnodarskii krai, g. Krasnodar, ul. Kalinina, 13

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The research subject is the process of formation of labor law as an independent branch in the result of complication of social relations caused by economic development (development of industry and necessity to regulate the status of workers employed in industrial sector). The authors study the main stages of development of labor legislation, the evolution of methods of legal impact determined by economic and political factors, the basic principles underlying legal regulation of labor relations at the modern stage of development of state and society, the tendencies and prospects of the sector in the context of globalization of the world economy. The research methodology is based on the axiological approach, the comparative-legal and historical-legal methods, the principles of scientific character, objectivity, analysis of events if their correlation and historical interdependence. The analysis of history of legal regulation of labor relations in Russia allows concluding that Soviet law, which had formed on the basis of socialist principles of commonality and obligatoriness of labor, had significant impact in foreign legislation. At the present stage, Russian law, influenced by liberal values, has declared the principle of the freedom of labor. We observe an opposite tendency – a unifying impact of international legal regulation of labor, international migration, universalization of mechanisms of recognition and protection of labor rights and freedoms, implementation of international conventions by the national law. 

Keywords: state and law, history, tendencies and prospects, globalization, labor law, Legal regulation, principles of law, method, sources of labor law, political conditions
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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