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Legal Studies

Constitutional entrenchment of individual duties in post-Soviet states: comparative legal analysis

Antsiferov Nikolai Viktorovich

PhD in Law

Docent, the department of Constitutional Law and Constitutional Procedure, Peoples' Friendship University of Russia

117198, Russia, Moscow, Mikluho-Maklaya Street 6, office #458

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Abstract: The article is dedicated to the aspects of constitutional entrenchment of the duties of individuals as an important element of the constitutional status of a personality and a citizen in the post-Soviet states. The article studies the aspects of legal entrenchment of such duties in the structure of constitutions, the catalogue of duties is being analyzed together with constitutional approaches to the determination of the circle of their subjects. The article reveals and considers the widely spread duties of individuals in terms of constitutional entrenchment of the duties of individuals, as well as rarer duties, typical for a limited range of constitutions. Attention is paid to general legal duty related to compliance to the constitution and laws; duties not to breach (respect) rights and freedoms of other personalities; duties aimed at consolidation (by the state) of resources (as related to payment of taxes and fees, other mandatory payments, protection of the home country and military duty); duties aimed at protection of the public interest (environmental protection, protection of historical and cultural heritage, obtainment of education, inadmissibility of the use of rights and freedoms contradicting public interests protected by the law; respect to national traditions, respect towards the state symbols, dedication to the Motherland); social duties (duties of parents and duties of children); duties of owners. The article considers the specific features of actual constitutional duties, their similarities and differences. Based on the analysis conducted, the author concludes about the presence of common approaches of the constitutional lawmakers to the entrenchment of constitutional duties of individuals. However, the respective entrenchment (regulation) is not identical both from the point of view of its contents and scope. Such differences provide for a significant potential of their implementation within the frames of actual legal relations with the participation of the individual and the citizen.

Keywords: constitutional law, state, human rights, post-Soviet political space, citizen, person, individual, legal duty, constitutional duty, constitution
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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