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Legal Studies

The structure of the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain and the procedure of its formation

Solovyev Andrey Aleksandrovich

Doctor of Law

Deputy President of the Commercial Court of Moscow region, Doctor of Law, Professor at Kutafin Moscow State Law University, Professor at Moscow State Pedagogical University 

107053, Russia, g. Moscow, Prospekt Akademika Sakharova, 18

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Abstract: The paper studies the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain, the independent collegiate constitutional body responsible for the judicial system management for the purpose of the judges’ independence provision. The author considers the key regulatory instruments, formalizing the fundamentals of the Spanish judicial system, characterizes the judiciary of Spain, studies the peculiarities of the legal status of various categories of judges (commissioners and professional judges), magistrates (judges of the highest judicial bodies), and presidents of courts. The author applies different methods of scientific cognition including analysis, synthesis, comparison, abstraction, specification and generalization. The author describes the structure of the General Council of the Judiciary of Spain and the procedure of its formation including the appointment of the members of the Council (the judiciary and other persons), their accession to office, tenure, substitution and termination of powers. Special attention is given to the Election Commission, a body responsible for the formation of the Council and managing any issues related to the nomination of candidates to the General Council from among the judges. 

Keywords: judiciary formation, statutory instruments, magistrates , judges, independence of judges, foreign experience, bodies of the judiciary, judicial authority, judicial system, the Kingdom of Spain
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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