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Cybernetics and programming

The study of the geoelectric structure of the crust on the basis of the analysis of the phase velocities of ultra geomagnetic variations

Korobeinikov Anatolii Grigor'evich

Doctor of Technical Science

professor, Pushkov institute of terrestrial magnetism, ionosphere and radio wave propagation of the Russian Academy of Sciences St.-Petersburg Filial

199034, Russia, g. Saint Petersburg, ul. Mendeleevskaya, 1

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Ismagilov Valery Sarvarovich

PhD in Physics and Mathematics

199034, Sankt-Peterburg, Vasileostrovskii raion, Universitetskaya nab., 5

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Kopytenko Yurii Anatol'evich

Doctor of Physics and Mathematics

119454, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Prospekt Vernadskogo, 76

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Petrishchev Maksim Sergeevich

PhD in Technical Science

199034, Saint Petersburg, Vasileostrovskii raion, Universitetskaya nab., 5

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Abstract: This article presents the results of experimental studies of the geoelectric structure of the crust held in Karelia. For research the authors established 5 highly ternary magnetovariational stations GI-MTS-1 separated by 5-10 km apart. The frequency of data recording was 50 Hz. To analyze the changes in apparent resistivity with depth at all 5 locations the authors perofmed processing of input data by two methods - magnetotelluric and phase-gradient sensing. To determine the apparent resistivity in each of the magnetic stations authors determined the apparent magnetotelluric resistivity of the earth's crust and changes in the system of resistivity with depth. Preliminary processing results revealed a number of conductive layers in the earth's crust at depths of 2-3 and 15-20 km, probably related to the shungite-bearing horizons. Comparison of methods for the interpretation of magnetotelluric and phase gradient sensing has shown their good match.

Keywords: frequency variations, resistivity, magnetic station, phase gradient sensing, magnetotelluric method, geoelectric structure, research, experiment, earth crust, geomagnetic disturbance
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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