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Cybernetics and programming

Development of a graphical shell for parallel calculations based on the OpenFOAM platform

Chitalov Dmitrii Ivanovich

Junior Researcher, South Ural Scientific Center

456317, Russia, Chelyabinskaya oblast', g. Miass, ul. Pr. Oktyabrya, 31, kv. 44

Kalashnikov Sergei Timofeevich

PhD in Technical Science

Head Department of Fundamental Problems of Aerospace Technologies, South Ural Scientific Center

456317, Russia, Chelyabinskaya oblast', g. Miass, ul. Il'menskii Zapovednik, 1




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Abstract: Graphical interfaces are an essential element of human-computer interaction. They provide the formation of input data for programs and visualization of results. Commercial software predominantly comes with integrated graphical communication tools. At the same time, some open-source software solutions, in particular, the OpenFOAM platform, have no built-in interaction tools. This problem remains relevant because existing graphical interfaces have disadvantages. This paper presents a phased process for developing a graphical shell for implementing user interaction with the OpenFOAM platform - for setting up numerical experiments in relation to the tasks of continuum mechanics (MSS) in parallel execution mode. To achieve this goal, a list of tasks and necessary tools is defined: the Python 3.5 programming language, the PyQt5 interface element description framework, and the PyCharm integrated development environment. The diagrams showing the interconnection of the program modules and the mechanism of the program. The results of the development and testing of the application are formulated using the example of a project of one of the standard tasks of the MSS included in the distribution platform platform OpenFOAM. The scientific novelty of the study is formulated, in particular: serialization of the parameters of a numerical experiment using the Python Pickle module and database tables in SQLite format, the ability to create various versions of files with MCC task parameters, the ability to run console commands using bash scripts. The practical value of the work and further prospects are also determined.

Keywords: graphical user interface, open source software, OpenFOAM, parallel computing, continuum mechanics, numerical simulation, Python programming language, PyQt library, SQLite DBMS, bash-scripting
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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