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Cybernetics and programming

Dynamic Authentication of Users in Learning Management Systems
Gorbunova Elena Sergeevna

student of the Department of Computer Systems at Novosibirsk State University

630090, Russia, Novosibirsk Region, Novosibirsk, Pirogov's str., 2



The object of the research is the mechanism of dynamic authentification via keystroke dynamics. The author examines reinforced authentification of users in Learning Management Systems whereas e-learning gradually occupying a niche in the education environment. The purpose of the present research is to develop and verify the system of dynamic authentification. Special attention is paid to analyzing biometric authentification and developing architectures of the required system and algorithm for classifying users based on the classifier's parameter learning as well as testing results. The author of the article carried out analysis of methods and algorithms that are used in the field of dynamic authentification and offers his alternative solution of the problem. The main results of the research include: architecture of the user authentification mechanism in Learning Management Systems; and description of the algorithm for dividing users into two classes. In accordance with the obtained requirements for the system, the author implemented the aforesaid mechanism in practice and conducted testing of the mechanism. The test shows that the desired result was obtained for the first- and second-order errors. The mechanism of keystroke dynamic authentification can be used not only in Learning Management Systems but also in other systems similar to the violator's model. 

Keywords: parametric classifier, biometrics, Learning Management System, strong authentication, biometric authentication, keystroke dynamics, security, dynamic authentication, confidentiality, behavioral authentication



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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