Статья 'Анализ представления пользовательской информации в приборе «терем-4» для измерителя температуры ограждающих конструкций' - журнал 'Кибернетика и программирование' - NotaBene.ru
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Cybernetics and programming

Analysis of the user information in the "Terem-4" unit for walling temperature measurement

Sorokin Oleg Leonidovich

student of the Department of Information and Computing Systems at the Volga State University of Technology

424500, Russia, g. Ioshkar-Ola, ul. Medvedevo, 52

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Sidorkina Irina Gennad'evna

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor, Volga State University of Technology

424000, Russia, Marii-El, g. Ioshkar-Ola, ul. Ploshchad' Lenina, 3, aud. 1




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Abstract: The object of the study is software for walling temperature measurement. One of the manufacturers of devices for measuring the temperature of a walling is the company "Interpribor". It manufactures equipment designed to measure the heat flow and temperature. The equipment performs measurement of the temperature at different distances inside the wall n order to detect temperature differences. Finding moments of time with temperature differences is necessary to predict and prevent further the formation of condensation. Equipment of the given manufacturer has advantages in ease of sensors installation, highly scalable channel and low power consumption. The article consider the functional limitations of software used for calculations of walling thermal values. The authors investigate functional software solutions of "Terem-4" installed in temperature meter "Teplograph" for problems related to data access time during the measurements aimed at determining the steady state based on statistical data about the temperature of walling. In the studied software "Terem-4" requires interface modification in the presentation measurement and calculations of statistical data. The authors suggest the creation of a single database, improving the interface and linguistic software, and the implementation of additional functionality aimed at adding parameters. Developing a computer-aided walling design system is necessary to, first of all, for solving complex tasks of automation, control, monitoring and reporting of temperature in order to provide up- to-date information and the formation of the required heating loops for both facilities for the old fund and new building structures.

Keywords: CAD, Walling, The heating circuit, Heat flow, Statistical data, The substation, Interactive form, Database, Visualization, Thermometer
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

OOO NPP Interpribor URL:http://www.interpribor.ru
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