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Cybernetics and programming

Detection methods for web resources automated data collection
Menshchikov Alexander Alexeevich

graduate student, Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies

197101, Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, g. Saint Petersburg, Kronverkskii Prospekt, 49


Gatchin Yurii

Doctor of Technical Science

Professor, Saint Petersburg State University of Information Technologies

197101, Russia, Sankt-Peterburg, Kronverkskii Prospekt, 49




The article deals with the problem of automated data collection from web-resources. The authors present a classification of detection methods taking into account modern approaches. The article shows an analysis of existing methods for detection and countering web robots. The authors study the possibilities and limitations of combining methods. To date, there is no open system of web robots detection that would be suitable for use in real conditions. Therefore the development of an integrated system, that would include a variety of methods, techniques and approaches, is an urgent task. To solve this problem the authors developed a software product – prototype of such detection system. The system was tested on real data. The theoretical significance of this study is in the development of the current trend in the domestic segment, making a system of web robots detection based on the latest methods and the improvement of global best practices. Applied significance is in creation of a database for the development of demanded and promising software.

Keywords: web-robots, information gathering, parsing, web robot detection, web security, information security, information protection, intrusion detection, intrusion prevention, weblogs analysis



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This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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