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Cybernetics and programming

Development of an ontological model of publications

Galimov Aleksei Azatovich

student, Department of CAD , Volgograd State Technical University

400005, Russia, Volgogradskaya oblast', g. Volgograd, pr. Lenina, 28, aud. 1406

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Abstract: Activities of publishing organizations, as well as researches is closely related to publication. Currently, there are some complex Semantic Publishing and Referencing Ontology (SPAR) ontologies in free access, designed to work with publications. However, this complex is English-based and designed to work with foreign sources of literature. Direct translation of the complex into Russian does not solve the problem of working with Russian publications. The paper presents an ontological model of knowledge, built on the basis of Russian standards regulating the main types of publications in the Russian Federation. To describe the classes and slots the author selects main types of publications, most commonly used in scientific research. Ontology developed in Protégé ontology editor. The article evaluates the competence of the ontology and show its capabilities for analyzing scientometric indicators, filling a variety of reports and ratings, make a bibliographic records.

Keywords: knowledge base, bibliographic style, bibliography, Protégé, ontology, publication, knowledge management, SPAR, publishing work, OWL
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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