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Cybernetics and programming

Intelligent user interface for question answering systems

Zhitko Vladimir Aleksandrovich

220013, Belarus', g. Minsk, ul. P.brovki, 6, kafedra IIT


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Abstract: Due to the rapid development and spread of computer systems in various spheres of human activity is to reduce the actual cost of training new and adapting already active users of new versions of systems. To the greatest extent this applies to the field of information and information systems. It is caused by a wide variety of applications, ranging from bying tickets online to complex customer support systems. The variety of such systems and the principles of interaction with them, used in practice, hinders their free use. Promising in this case is the use of a natural language familiar to the user for a dialogue with computer systems. Using the familiar to the user natural language for dialogue with computer systems is implemented by means of natural language and speech in user interface, which has a number of advantages: minimal user training to work with the system (depends on the specific implementation of the system and its operating capacity), simplicity and high speed setting arbitrary requests to the system and the high level of the domain model (is like one of the benefits, as well as a prerequisite for the successful implementation of such systems).

Keywords: knowledge base, morphological analysis, intelligent systems, semantics, component design, question-answer system, natural language user interface, output machine, interface, training
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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