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Cybernetics and programming

On the use of computational experiments in the study of physics

Maier Robert Valerievich

Doctor of Pedagogy

Professor, the department of Physics and Didactics of Physics, Glazov State Pedagogical Training Institute

427628 Russia, The Udmurt Republic, Glazov, Kalinina Street 8A, unit #79

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Abstract: The author reviews a problem of use of educational computational experiments in the study of physical phenomena. By educational computational experiment author means experiment on the mathematical model of the object carried out with the aid of a computer for the purpose of learning. A set of simplified versions of educational computational experiments adapted to the conditions of learning form a System of educational computational experiments. The article analyzes the examples of the use of educational computer experiment for: 1) for the study of the magnetization of a ferromagnet, calculation of the magnetization curve and hysteresis loop; 2) study of chaotic oscillations of a Dafing pendulum, occurrence of bifurcation in changes in the profile of the potential well, study of Poincaré section and the evolution of the phase volume. The authors apply mathematical and computational methods (simulation) modeling, which involves the construction of a mathematical model and building a software simulating the phenomenon under study based on the numerical solution of the corresponding to its’ system of equations. The novelty of the work is in the proposed four simple computer programs in Pascal, allowing: 1) obtain the magnetization curve and hysteresis loop for a ferromagnet in a changing magnetic field; 2) simulate the oscillation of the Dafing pendulum; 3) study the transition of oscillator into the chaotic regime at a change of the potential well; 4) get a Poincaré section and to study the evolution of the phase volume for Dafing pendulum.

Keywords: information technology, computer simulation, programming, computer simulations, physical phenomena, education, magnetization of a ferromagnet, magnetic hysteresis, Dafing pendulum, dynamic chaos
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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