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Cybernetics and programming

Principles of interpretation of software written on a program language oriented on the knowledge database processing

Shunkevich Daniil Vyacheslavovich

assistant, Department of Intelligent Information Technologies, Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics

22013, Belarus, Minsk, ul. P. Brovki, 6

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Abstract: The article reviews a unified logic-semantic model of an interpreter for basic programming languages oriented on the processing of sc-models of knowledge database. The mentioned above model is based on a multi-agent approach. The article is dedicated to a basic language of programming a technology of designing OSTIS intelligent systems, and more specifically, to a model of interpreter underlying this technology based on a multi-agent approach to designing knowledge processing machines. Basic concepts of this article such as sc-agent, abstract sc-agent and so on are reviewed in this article and on the web-site of this technology. The programming language discussed is basic for OSTIS intelligent systems developing technology. The article describes both sc-agents of abstract scp-machine and sc-language of their interaction. The author discusses principles of interpretation of software written on a basic programming language oriented on processing of sc-models of knowledge database. The developed model is based on a multi-agent approach that allows to effectively use the abilities of asynchronous and parallel programming and makes designed model open, that is, there is the possibility of adding new agents into it.

Keywords: intelligent system , knowledge processing machine, knowledge base , multi-agent system, programming language , interpreted language, OSTIS, multi-agent approach , sc-agent, sc-model
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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