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Conflict Studies / nota bene

Ethnic Identity in modern Republic of South Africa

Kavykin Oleg

PhD in History

Senior reserach associate, Institute for African Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

123001, Russia, Moscow, Spiridonovka St, 30/1, office 38




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Abstract: Ethnic identity and interethnic relations in modern Republic of South Africa constitute the subject of this study. The author considers the opinions of experts on a number of issues: a general assessment of interethnic relations, assessment of the wholeness of national culture and the importance of national identity for the citizens of the country, the role of ethnic identity in contrast to other forms of identity, its role in South African political and public spheres, as well as the possibility of creating of ethnicity-based political parties. Experts answered a number of questions on the alleged influence of ethnic origin on a person's career, on the state policies towards their ethnic group, and on the role of media in covering the life of their ethnic group. The author selected expert survey as a method for the pilot study on ethnic identity and interethnic relations in contemporary South Africa. The use of this method allows to gather information and assessments from colleagues who are well-informed on the subject. Some experts point out that race and ethnicity are politicized and affect the distribution of benefits and opportunities in present-day South Africa. The experts point out various aspects of these phenomena such as persistence of negative consequences of apartheid or use of hate speech by modern politicians. Many experts register the fact that the national culture and national identity of the country are still forming: a significant part of expert pool indicates the lack of a single supra-ethnic culture of the country, and proposes to improve interethnic relations through efforts to establish dialogue between various ethnic and racial groups.

Keywords: class, race, inequality, national identity, interethnic relations, ethnic identity, RSA, government, education, media
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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