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Digital history
Ovsyannikov Y.Z. - Family Archive a Software Package to Manage Personal Archives pp. 135-154


Abstract: This article describes and reviews the main opportunities of the Family Archive software package created by the author to collect, systematize, study and store materials from personal archives (documents, manuscripts, books, periodicals, memories, media content and collections). The package enables to accumulate electronic copies of materials as well as original documents created and existing in an electronic form irrespective of their type or format, within one application. It also allows you to find and display the connections between data and sort them by various criteria thus contributing to identification and elimination of personal, family and ancestral history gaps. The Family Archive software package was developed within the FileMaker Pro 15 Advanced that is an application of FileMaker Inc. to create relational databases. The package does not have any total analogs and can be employed by various users to address issues when working with personal archives. The growing data volume as well as the need for data systematization account for the topicality and importance of the package functionality.
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