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Historical informatics

Web-GIS «Drawings of the Russian State of the 16-17th Centuries» (http://rgada.info/geos2/)

Frolov Alexey

PhD in History

Senior researcher, Institute of General History of the Russian Academy of Sciences, head of Historical Geoinformatics Laboratory

kab. 1405, 32A, ul. Leninskii Prosp., g. Moscow, Russia, 119334 

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Golubinskii Aleksei

PhD in History

Junior researcher, Russian History Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences

kab. 40, 19, ul. Dmitriya Ul'yanova, g. Moscow, Russia, 117036

Kutakov Sergey

Postgraduate student, State Academic University for Humanities

26, ul. Maronovskii pereulok, g. Moscow, Russia, 119049




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Abstract: The study aims at a web-GIS that has been publicly-accessible since the early 2017.The article describes the sources used, the algorithm of their processing, the software, the structure of GIS-project attribute table, the ways to geocode digital copies of drawings as well as the methods of closer linking of drawing’s image to a location. Web-interface is characterized as well. It lets a user work with the resource through any browser with the help of scaling and navigation tools, text search, reading of selected object attributes, variation of raster transparence and choice of cartographic underlay. The article also describes the possibilities to address the initial attribute table and its lookup and view undeformed (not geocoded) large-scale drawing image (including the possibility to scale, move and rotate an object). In spite of different techniques of drawings execution as well as their different purpose and origin, the drawings studied are rather good at describing historic reality. This provides for considering a set of drawings as a document complex that can undergo general procedures of online publishing. The technologies used are mainly based on the employment of “open” software (from creation of desktop version of GIS-project to spatial libraries used to visualize web-versions). Optimization of web-GIS work mainly relates to minimization of traffic between a server and a client. To do this the work is organized so that downloading of all raster and most of vector objects starts only after the client’s computer sends a user query for a definite object to the server. The main result of the study is a free Internet access to the complex of Russian drawings of the 16th-17th centuries. The number of cartographic drawings totals 1000 and most of them have good images. 49 drawings have been found that had been left out by V.S. Kusov’s catalogue. Over 700 drawings have been linked to a locality and 140 have not been localized yet. An original method to localize a territory shown on the drawing on the map has been developed.

Keywords: cartographic drawings, archival data publishing, web-GIS, historical landscapes, Russian history, historical geoinformatics, historical cartography, historical geography, historical sources, geographical information
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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