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Space Research
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Contents of Issue є 04/2017
Serga E.V. -


Space Economics and Business
Uvarov V.B. -


Space Law
Lozhkovoi P.N. - Information about the Territory: International Law Issues


Abstract: The article is devoted to the legal aspects of the remote sensing of the Earth from the outer space. The author of the article underlines that the international law commonly uses the territorial supremacy principle, however, lacks a proper legal status of information about the territory. The author believes that information about the territory has the same status as the territory itself, thus the state has the same rights for the information about the territory that it has for its territory. The author of the article also pays attention to the control over information as a property. The methodological basis of the research involves general research methods (systems approach, functional and general logical methods such as analysis and syhthesis and etc.) and special law methods. As a result of the research, the author concludes that a state has all legal rights to limit the distribution of information about its territory. This is a complex right that fully provides an opportunity to control information. The author of the article also underlines that current contradictions between the countries can be solved by signing international acts that involve parties concerned. 
Popova S.M. -


Paris C., Sindoni G., Di Sabato T. - Close Approaches of Debris to LARES Satellite During Its First Four Years of Operation


Abstract: Since its launch in February 2012, the LAser RElativity Satellite (LARES) of the Italian Space Agency experienced four close approaches with space debris. LARES orbits at an altitude of 1450 km, in a region where the density of space debris has a peak. However, the probability of an impact with a debris during the operational life of the satellite was reasonably low. The analysis of the close approaches identified three of the objects, that are from two peculiar population of objects. This paper discusses the problem of space debris in low orbit, the approaches occurred with LARES, and some possible scenarios related to space regulations and space law in case of an impact.
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