Статья '«Гаагская модель» правового регулирования деятельности в области космических ресурсов и перспективы трансформации международного космического права' - журнал 'Исследования космоса' - NotaBene.ru
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Space Research

"Hague Model" of Space Resource Activities Regulation and Prospects for the Transformation of International space law

Popova Svetlana Mikhailovna

PhD in Politics

Leading Scientific Associate, Institute of Socio-Political Research of Theoretical & Applied Sociology of the Russian Academy of Sciences

119333, Russia, gorod federal'nogo znacheniya Moskva, g. Moscow, ul. Fotievoi, 6, of. 1

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Abstract: The article analyzes the key approaches to the model of space resource activities regulations proposed by the Hague Space Resources Governance Working Group in view to encouraging States to engage in negotiations for an international agreement or non-legally binding instrument. Particular attention is paid to the instrumental, political and legal nature of the document under analysis, which is designed to stimulate the pace of international law-making and to create legal certainty for potential participants in the space resource activities within a reasonable period.

Keywords: Space product, Space object, Space resources utilisation, Space policy, Space law, Space economy, Adaptive governing, Space resources, International responsibility, Harmful impacts
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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