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Stream of books: bibliography, reviews
Galyamina A.G. - Review of A. Forrest's "Beyond the Edge of the Battlefield. The life of the military during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars" pp. 83-89



Abstract: The article analyzes the work of the English historian A. Forrest, devoted to the study of the individual experience of the military during the Revolutionary and Napoleonic Wars. Forrest departs from the traditional view of the history of war as the history of battles and focuses his attention on various aspects of the daily life soldiers, such as enlistment, interaction with foreigners during foreign campaigns, captivity, demobilization and the life of veterans after the end of the war. The author pays special attention to the discrepancies between propaganda and the realities of soldier's life and casts doubt on the formation of a new type of revolutionary soldier, postulated by revolutionary propaganda. As shortcomings of the book, one can single out some ignorance by the author of data that contradicts his statement about the complete apoliticality of peasants, who formed the basis of the army of revolutionary France, and their alienation to revolutionary values. Besides the author does not always clearly distinguish the Jacobin army and the army of the Napoleonic time, attributing later features to the former, therefore important details regarding the war nature evolution may be lost. Separately, the author considers the construction of historical memory of the Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars in France.
Zipunnikova N., Zipunnikova Y.N. - Fate of a scholar in the fate of a country (about the book N. S. Nizhnik, S. Y. Dergileva State and Law in Theoretical-Legal Views of A. I. Elistratov: monography. M.; Yurlitinform, 2017. 376 p. as about an invitation to ponder) pp. 121-132


Abstract: This article discusses a monographic study dedicated to the prominent Russian legal scholar A. I. Elistratov (1822-1955), whose life and works fell on the different historical periods, including a tragic crisis time. The authors of the monograph N. S. Nizhnik, S. Y. Dergileva characterize the intellectual biography of the scholar and his sociopolitical activity in the context of establishment of the police-legal theory within the European and national educational scientific tradition. Subsequent changes in the attitude towards legal scholar and his scientific writings that were popular in Russia prior to the October Revolution are demonstrated through the prism of transformation of state-legal, political-ideological, socioeconomic, educational-scientific customs of the national culture. An effective reconstruction of the scientific biography of A. I. Elistratov became possible due to careful attention to the heritage of national police science and Soviet science of administrative law as a whole, as well as anthropocentric scenario of the conducted research. From the standpoint of historicism and anthropological approach, the peer reviews turns attention to functionality in the culture of complex mechanisms that ensure succession of the traditions. The new monographs demonstrates the importance and research prospects of the separate storylines related to the formation of scholar’s personality and his realization of scientific-pedagogical and sociopolitical activity, for example on the foreign business trips and participation in seminars on law, work of law communities in pre-October Russia, dynamism of educational and scientific activity of the first Soviet decades.
Efimovskikh V.L., Reutov V.P. - The Northeastern Rus and the Horde: thoughts on the monograph of I. I. Nazipov Northeastern Rus within the system of political-legal connections of the Horde of Ulus of Jochi (1242-1502) pp. 177-193


Abstract: This publication gives an overview of I. I. Nazipov’s monograph dedicated to the complicated and insignificantly studies question of the Russian historical and historical-legal science – the political-legal connections of the principalities of Northeastern Rus’ and Horde of Ulus of Jochi. The author of the monograph, based on the absence or presence of the signs of states, made an attempt to determine the level of state subordination of the Russian lands in the XVIII-XV centuries to the Horde. At the same time, I. I. Nazipov leans on the research of peculiarities of the medieval reality that influences the content of the signs of state: religiousness, social hierarchy of medieval society, spatial narrowness of the worldview, lack of the idea of national unity. The presented in monograph positions are of scientific interest due to understanding of the main forms of connections between the Hord and the Russian principalities. Based on analysis of these connections and intensity of their manifestation during the separate periods, the author determines the presence of signs of the state unity of Russian lands and the Horse, or their weakening. The monograph is first to collect and generalize the material about the military cooperation of Russian principalities with the Horde. The work systematized the forms of military aid of the Horde to the Russian lands on deflection of aggression from the Western States.
Golovushkin D.A. - The History of Establishment and Development of the Russian Orthodox Renovationism at the Early XX Century: New Approaches and New Sources (Review of Yu. V. Balagushkin's Book) pp. 197-207


Abstract: The article is devoted to Yu. V. Balakshin's book "The brotherhood of adherents of church renovation (group of "32" Petersburg priests, 1903–1907): Documentary history and cultural environment'. This book is devoted to history and activity of a so-called group of "32" St. Petersburg priests – a bright phenomenon of the Russian church and public life at the beginning of the XX century. The author of the article establishes the reasons of origin of renovationism as a movement at the beginning of the XX century, considers its organizational and ideological evolution till 1907. Correspondence of one of leaders of group of the 32 priests of K. M. Aggeev with professor of the Kiev spiritual academy P. P. Kudryavtsev which represents an important source for studying of the Russian religious social thought of the beginning of the XX century is for the first time published in the supplement to research. Unlike the predecessors addressing to this subject, Yu. V. Balakshina uses the contextual analysis which considers features and influence of the sociocultural environment in which renovationism was formed. At the same time she emphasizes importance of a combination of a descriptive method and theorizing which reflection has to be provided with reconsideration known and search of new historical sources. Thanks to such "integrated" approach of Yu. V. Balakshin it was succeeded to show that the renovation movement 1905 – 1907, this large phenomenon of religious and cultural life of Russia the beginnings of the XX century. It is one of the first attempts of overcoming of the split between the church and society caused by processes of the new European culture.
Zipunnikova N. - History of Russian Legal Science as an Independent Academic Discipline (or More Judgments on M. A. Kozhevina's Monograph) pp. 205-222


Abstract: In her article Zipunnikova reviews M. A. Kozhevina's monograph "Formation and Development of Russian Legal Science in XVIII - XIX Centuries" in which Kozhevina outlines the problem of providing grounds for describing the history of the development of Russian legal science as an independent discipline. Kozhevina defines the object, the object and instruments of the history of jurisprudence, describes periods of its development and clarifies a range of factors that contributed to the development of legal science as a social institution - lawmaking, organizational and legal bases of scientific activity, and others. Among other factors, the author of the monograph analyzes the performance of professional legal community including Academy of Sciences, legal education and law associations.  By doing so, as well as analyzing the teachins of Russian law experts of XVIII-XIX centuries, Kozhevina shows the organic connection between the Russian scientific law and legal education. Kozhevina views the development of legal journals and periodical literature in Russia.  The research perspective offered by Kozhevina in her monograph returns us to the problems associated with the history of Russian legal science and her monograph encourages thoughts and reflections on the perspective self-description of Russian scientific law. In her monograph Kozhevina offers an approach to studying the history of Russian legal science.
Zipunnikova N., Zipunnikova Y. - Juridical education as an intersection of law, culture, interests of individuals, society and state (thoughts prompted by the new edition of Yaschuk T. F. Juridical education in the highest school: textbook. Omsk: Publisher Om. Gos. Un-ta, 2014. 312 p.) pp. 508-534


Abstract: In this article the author reviews the textbook by T. F. Yaschuk “Juridical education in the highest school”, in which the author examines historical, theoretical, comparative, and applied aspects of preparing juridical personnel. An assessment is given to the phenomenon of European university with law faculty, traditions of Russian juridical education, as well the difficulties of realization of the positions of Bologna process. The author notes the positive aspects of studying foreign experience in the area of highest juridical education, and demonstrates the special significance of state regulation of preparation of jurists and social-state partnership in this sphere. Accent is made on the importance of theoretical analysis of didactical problems within the highest juridical school, as well as new requirements set before the scientific-pedagogical staff. The broadness of the spectrum of problems presented by T. F. Yaschuk contributes to the more objective, panoramic vision of the state and benefits of development of the highest juridical education. Such approach prompts reasoning on the trends of development of the system of education of professional juridical personnel in the conditions of globalization, making this work useful not only for master’s degree seekers, post-graduate students, and educators of juridical disciplines, but also to specialists in the theory and history of juridical education.
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