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Traditions, innovations, adoption of ideas
Verchenko A.L. - Xinhai Revolution in China: the new approaches to old traditions pp. 191-235
Abstract: After the Xinhai Revolution of 1911 China struggled for the extirpation of customs and traditions, which hindered development of the country. Some of them like “lotus feet”, weddings on the will of the parents or fortuneteller’s advises or divorce prohibition were just prejudices in the minds of people. Others like wearing braids as a sign of submission to the Emperor of a foreign dynasty Qing were considered as derogation of the dignity of state. The thirds like smoking opium threatened the nation’s existence.The lack of education, adherence to the old days and rituals established by the ancestors, the unwillingness of the ruling classes to lose this kind of leverage to keep the power – all these factors hindered the struggle of the progressive forces against the old ways.The important role in the struggle against the vestiges of the past was played by the first president of the Republic of China, Sun Yat-sen, who during his rather short term of ruling has managed to introduce a new Western calendar, to adopt a decree on the elimination of the use of opium, foot-binding, men wearing braids, etc.The changes took place with difficulty, causing resistance of traditionalists and lasted for many years, demonstrating that any change should take place slow, taking into account national psychology of the people, only then they will be irreversible.
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