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Doctoral Research: reviews
Kodan S.V. - The Acts of Russian Communist Party-the Communist Party of the Soviet Union-All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks and the Soviet law. Reasoning on S. A. Tokmins dissertation Party Acts in the System of the Soviet Legal Sources pp. 127-135


Abstract: This article present the review of S. A. Tokmin’s dissertation dedicated to the complex and little-studied problem of the Russian historical legal science – the place and role of Russian Communist Party-the Communist Party of the Soviet Union-All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks in the system of the Soviet legal sources. The author of the dissertation made an attempt to conduct a comprehensive examination of the problematics from the perspective of the theory and history of state and law; based on the various methods of studying the legal phenomena, he also explores the party acts as the source of normative-legal information. The highlighted in the dissertation positions represent a scientific interest for understanding the peculiarities of lawmaking in the Soviet period of state-legal development of our country. The author presents his own vision of the party acts in the system of Soviet legal sources, as well as analyzes the correlation between the party regulations with legal, and gives an interesting author’s classification of the party acts.
Smykalin A.S. - Details on the thesis PhD Candidate of Historical Sciences - Kuz'minykh A.L. pp. 241-258


Abstract: Review is dedicated to prisoners of war in the Soviet Union in 1939 - 1956 years. The huge scale of hostilities led to the emergence of a large number of prisoners whose legal status has not been resolved. In the thesis the author considers mode, the contents of prisoners of war and other living conditions.
Efimovskikh V.L., Reutov V.P. - Feedback on dissertation of Gotsulenko Akelsey Viktorovich Organizational Legal Bases of the Work of State Security Agencies in the Ural Region (1934-1941) pp. 458-474


Abstract: This evaluation of the dissertation is dedicated to the analysis of organizational legal bases of the work of state security agencies in the Ural region during the period of 1934-1941. The state of knowledge on the state legal aspects of the history of establishment of the USSR state security agencies testifies that within the historical and juridical literature have been formed various and at times antipodal assessments of the work of this institution of the Soviet State. During the course of the dissertation, the author examines the peculiarities of the organization of the work of territorial branches basing on the intensity of manifestation of external and internal threats to state security; he also analyzes the system of normative acts that comprise the legal foundation of the work of the state security agencies. Despite of the existence of certain flaws noticed by the authors of this feedback, the dissertation of A. Gotsulenko represents an independent historical legal research, and the author deserves the conferment of a Ph.D. in Juridical Sciences on the specialty – theory and history of state and law; history of studied on law and state.
Smykalin A.S., Suroven' D.A., Nasibullin R.A. - Historical legal research on the US intelligence. Feedback on dissertation of M. Y. Dondukov pp. 475-499


Abstract: This work presents a feedback on the dissertation which is dedicated to the little-studied from the scientific prospective institution within the history of state and law – US intelligence. It is noted that based on the analysis of the new sources, the historical sequence of the establishment of this body within the mechanism of government administration of the country, can be examined. This article is based on the departmental evaluation of the doctoral thesis “Intelligence within the State Mechanism of the United States (historical legal aspect”. The authors thoroughly examine all the negative, as well as positive sides of this work, and note that the scientific novelty consists in the lack of the historical legal research of the establishment and development of the US intelligence within the Russian jurisprudence.  The author of the dissertation works with a large number of sources, the majority of which are foreign, and is for the first time introduced into scientific discussion.
Zharov S. - Legal Basis for State Security in the Urals Before the War (The Analysis of A. V. Gotsulenko's Thesis 'Procedural and Institutional Grounds for State Security in the Ural Region (1934 - 1941) pp. 494-507


Abstract: Activity of the state security agencies in premilitary years repeatedly became a subject of scientific researches. However it is necessary to notice that the main attention some authors, especially the last two decades, turned on the distortions of the principle of legality taking place in the sphere of ensuring state security. The reviewed work, mentioning regrettable incidents, an object of research has process of legal regulation of providing external and internal security. The Ural region in this regard is special as it is rather removed from the center and at the same time is quite subject to control from the central bodies. As a methodological basis of the reviewed research the set of methods, general scientific and special is attracted. First of all it is necessary to call the principles of historicism and objectivity, methods of historical and legal comparison, especially norms of the central and local bodies, the analysis and synthesis, deduction and induction, statistical and so forth. Scientific novelty is caused by three complementary factors. First, the historical and legal analysis of the regulations of People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs and its local bodies concerning an object of research published so far is carried out by the author for the first time. Secondly, in a scientific turn the array of the archival documents still not known to scientific community is introduced for the first time. The author of the article undertook the main thing, research of history of legal regulation of activity of the state security agencies, at the high scientific level, the employee of these bodies with very extensive practice of similar activity
Biyushkina N.I. - Conservative view on the political-legal development of the Russian state. Feedback of the official opponent on the dissertation of A. A. Vasiliev Conservative Legal Ideology in Russia: essence and forms of manifestation pp. 871-893


Abstract: This article-feedback is dedicated to the analysis of the essence and form of manifestation of the conservative legal ideology. A detailed attention is given to the views of the Russian government and public figures of the conservative direction and their reflection in the main vectors of domestic and foreign policy, as well as legal development of the Russian state during the various historical periods. The author examines the questions associated with the notions of “conservatism” and “conservation”, gives their definitions, and determines general and specific features. The question on the possibility of implementation of the term conservatism towards the Soviet statehood and law is raised in the course of this research. Scientific novelty consists in structuring of the problems pertaining to the detection of the original criteria of periodization. It is noted that the relation of Russian conservators to the country’s socioeconomic and political-legal reforms will be a qualitative sign, which differentiates one conservative direction from another. Due to this fact, emerges the following aspect of periodization associated with the ability to combine the qualitative and quantitative (chronological) periodization for the purpose of determining which of the directions of the conservative political-legal thought in Russia was dominating during the specific chronological period.
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