Статья 'Факторы, влияющие на возникновение и бытование традиционных народных промыслов и ремесел на территории поликультурного региона (на примере Республики Мордовия).' - журнал 'Genesis: исторические исследования' - NotaBene.ru
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Genesis: Historical research

Factors impacting the emergence and existence of the traditional fold crafts and arts in a polycultural region (on the example of the Republic of Mordovia)

Kandrina Elena Vladimirovna

Postgraduate student, the department of Ethnology and Ethnography, Scientific Research Institute under the Government of the Republic of Mordovia; Educator, the department of Civil Law Disciplines, Saransk Institute of Cooperation

430012, Russia, Mordoviya oblast', g. Saransk, ul. Borina, 24 a




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Abstract: This article determines and classifies the factors that directly affect the structure and peculiarities of existence of the folk crafts and arts in a particular polycultural region. Complex analysis is conducted on the role of each factor in the process of emergence, existence, development and extinction of the individual types of crafts retained in Mordovia at the present stage. The author determines the key factors affecting the possible revival, preservation and development of the traditional crafts that for a long time have existed in Mordovia in the conditions of market economy. The scientific novelty consists in identification and generalization of the essential characteristics of the factors impacting the nature, structure and level of development of the folk crafts and arts in the context of a particular polycultural region. As a result, the author reveals the pattern of changes in the degree of impact of certain factor upon the separate types of crafts activity depending on the shift in the historical formation and political course conducted by the government. The author highlights the group of factors holding a leading position in the process of preservation and development of the folk crafts and arts in the Republic of Mordovia at the current stage.

Keywords: historical, social and economic, natural and geographical factors, factors, folk craft and arts, polyethnic region, social and cultural factors, woodworking, felting, pottery
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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Field data of the author: Aleksey Vasilyevich Shestakov, born in 1969
Field data of the author: Ethnocultural Project « Craftsmen of Mordovia, Tengushevo-village, Tengushesky district of the Republic of Mordovia, First festival of trades, crafts and folk art, 19.02. 2019
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