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Genesis: Historical research

L. D. Liozner’s school of sciences: at the dawn of studying regeneration

Fando Roman Alekseevich

PhD in Biology

Deputy Director of Research, Institute for the History of Science and Technology named after S. I. Vavilov of the Russian Academy of Sciences

125315, Russia, Moskva oblast', g. Moscow, ul. Baltiiskaya, 14

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Abstract: The subject of this research is L. D. Liozner’s school of sciences in the area of reparative regeneration of organs and tissues. The object of this research is the results of scientific works of Liozner and his mentees, as well as the key historical stages of origination and development of this school of sciences. In the 1930’s, when the first schools dedicated to studying regeneration appeared in Russia, L. D. Liozner meets L. Y. Blyakher and M. A. Vorontsova, who introduced him to the research in the field of experimental embryology.  Methodology is based on the comparative-historical, biographical, historical-scientific, and retrospective methods of research. The phenomenon of L. D. Liozner’s school of sciences was analyzed in various aspects: substantive-logical, psychological, and sociocultural. The author convincingly demonstrates that only after 1956, at the time of becoming the head of the Laboratory of Growth and Development in the Institute of Experimental Biology of L. D. Liozner, he began consolidating the scholars in the area of reparative regeneration of organs and tissues. The author reveals the team members and the main vectors of activity of the school. The scientific novelty consists in the detailed analysis of scientific heritage of the mentees of L. D. Liozner. He brought up en entire pleiad of prominent scholars, including V. F. Sidorova, Z. A. Ryabinina, A. G. Babayeva, L. K. Romanova, S. S. Raytsina, and E. A. Efimov. It is underlined that the studies on regeneration, conducted by the students of L. D. Lizoner’s school of sciences, continue to this day, considering the recent scientific achievements.

Keywords: the fight against cosmopolitanism, experimental work, research laboratory, continuity of research, scientific school, formation of Soviet science, experimental biology, regeneration, history of embryology, scientific discovery
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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