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Genesis: Historical research

Gravures of Sebastien Leclerc from the medals of Henry IV as a historical source

Loshchilova Tatyana Nikolaevna

PhD in History

Docent, the department of Ancient and Medieval History named after V. F. Semyonov, Moscow State Pedagogical University

119991, Russia, g. Moscow, ul. Malaya Pirogovskaya, 1, str.1

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Abstract: The object of this research is the gravures of the engraver of Louis XIV Sebastien Leclerc (1637-1714), which represent the etchings from the medals of French kings of the XV-XVII centuries and particularly the time of Henry IV, reflecting the main trends of royal power during this period. Currently the gravures are preserved in the Municipal Library of Lyon. The subject of this research is the inner and outer criticism of the source that determined its significance for studying the image of power created during the reign of the first Bourbons. The main focus is made on the inner criticism of the source. Giving a brief characteristics to the etchings of medals, as well as the symbols and interpretation of the depicted events, the author comes to a conclusion that the gravures can fill the gaps in our vision of evolution of the representation of power, as a single place gathers the etchings of numerous and somewhat exclusive for a researcher medals. A brief analysis of the depicted in gravures medals allows concluding on the systematically conducted policy of popularization of the new royal Dynasty of Bourbons not only through opinion journalism, but also the artistic images created within the lifetime of Henry IV and after his decease, which subsequently predetermined the formation of myth about the “Good King Henry, as well as emphasize the importance of studying of such historical source as the medals and etchings, undeservingly neglected by the national researchers.

Keywords: critique of historical source, prints, medals, Sebastian Leclairс, Louis XIV, Louis XIII, Maria Medici, Henry IV, France, XVI-XVII centuries
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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