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Genesis: Historical research

Bone ornaments among Altai population of Hunno–Sarmatian period

Trifanova Synaru Veniaminovna

PhD in History

Senior Scientific Associate, Head of the Scientific Research Center for History and Culture of Turkic Peoples, Gorno-Altaisk State University

649000, Russia, respublika Altai, g. Gorno-Altaisk, ul. Lenkina, 1

Soenov Vasilii Ivanovich

PhD in History

Chief Scientific Associate, Head of the Scientific Research Center for History and Culture of Turkic Peoples, Gorno-Altaisk State University

649000, Russia, respublika Altai, g. Gorno-Altaisk, ul. Ulagasheva, 16, of. 5




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This article is dedicated to the results of examination of bone ornaments from the Altai cultural heritage of Hunno–Sarmatian period as the information source on the material and spiritual culture of population. More than 300 of archeological findings out of nine necropolises and a hillfort, collected in Altai over the year by the authors and other scholars, serve as the material for this research. Particular attention is given to the results of study of the more popular artefacts: bone beads, shell badges, animal tooth and claw necklaces. The article is based on the systemic approach and principle of historicism. The authors apply the methods of morphological analysis of the varieties of bone ornaments, as well as reconstruction of manufacturing process. This category of inventory allows acquiring information on the types of economic activity of the population, as well as the outlook upon social phenomena and relations. The scientific novelty lies in the fact that there is no special studies dedicated to examination of bone ornaments of Altai population of Hunno–Sarmatian period and their classification; the unpublished collections presented by the items from the tombs Ayrydash-1, Stepshka-2 and Top-Uimon are introduced into the scientific discourse. It is concluded that the bone-carving art was one of the well-developed branches of the local craftwork due to availability of materials that were mostly the remains from consuming the meat of wild and domestic animals.

Keywords: animal canine, pendants, beads, bone ornaments, Hunno–Sarmatian period, archeology, Altai, cowry shells, bird claws, amulet
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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