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Genesis: Historical research

The Poem

Shpakovskii Vyacheslav Olegovich

PhD in History

associate professor of the Department of Communication Management at Penza State University

440061, Russia, Penzenskaya oblast', g. Penza, ul. Dzerzhinskogo, 35 - 43

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Abstract: The article concerns the study of the poem "Shah-Nameh" as a source of knighthood weapons studied by English-speaking historians. English-speaking historians unanimously agreed that horse armour had Byzantine and Iran, and the Arab, and Chinese riders, and at the time when Europeans  did not even dream of it. At the same time, the design of social institutions of chivalry is associated with huge costs of weapons and armour, and hence the relevant system of land holding.  This is reflected in the European and Eastern heraldry.

Keywords: the Poem, chivalry, East, West, chain mail, heraldic emblem, chivalry armour, plate armour, crossbow, bow
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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