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Genesis: Historical research

What was being read in Tsaritsyno at the end of the XIX century?

Tushkanov Dmitry Igorevich

TUSHKANOV Dmitriy Igorevich – Lecturer, Department of History of Government and Law, Volzhskiy Institute of Economics, Pedagogics and Law;

Volzhskiy Institute of Economics, Pedagogics and Law, Sovetskaya ulitsa 6, Volzhskiy, Volgogradskaya oblast 404111 Russia;tushkanov-dmitrii@rambler.ru

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The subject of this research is the sociocultural image of the district city of Saratov province in the late XIX century. The article also explores the question of what newspapers and magazines were subscribed to and read by the inhabitants of the town of Tsaritsyno at the end of the XIX century. The object of this study is the provincial periodicals of the late XIX century. Special attention is given to the establishment and development of the first Tsaritsyno newspaper "Volga-Don paper", which reflected various issues and problems of the local life of the late nineteenth century, including consideration of the question of subscription of the citizens to the periodicals. The research methodology stems from a sociocultural approach, which means study of the culture as a wide range of social phenomena, which represent the tools and results of social development. A special place also belongs to the periodicals, which on the one hand represent a sociocultural phenomenon, while on the other – means of reflection of various sociocultural processes of reality. The author concludes that the city had a great need for periodicals and, in particular, the establishment of local press. Based on the materials of the first Tsaritsyno newspaper the author presents previously unpublished information about what periodicals the Tsaritsyno residents subscribed to in the last quarter of the XIX century.

Keywords: subscription to newspapers, Volga-Don paper, culture, XIX century, sociocultural image, pre-revolutionary press, Tsaritsyno, periodicals, Saratov governorate, newspapers
This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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