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Genesis: Historical research

State Symbols of the Republic of Azerbaijan: History and Meaning

Zagoruyko Mikhail Vasiliyvich

PhD in History


119991, Russia, g. Moscow, Leninskie gory, 1, aud. B 254

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Abstract: The history of the young state of Azerbaijan goes to depth of centuries, closely intertwining with thousand-year history of such great powers as Persia, the Ottoman Empire, the Russian Empire and the Soviet Union, left an indelible trace in the Azerbaijani culture Today Azerbaijan harmoniously fits into the world community and, being the independent state, independently conducts foreign and domestic policy. In the early nineties the state symbolics was chosen as the people of Azerbaijan: flag, coat of arms, anthem. In this work an attempt to interpret a semantic component of the coat of arms and a flag of Azerbaijan in close connection with history of their creation, and also to estimate their relevance now is made. In research the historical approach showing the political phenomena and preferences of the republic Azerbaijan was used. Along with a historical and genetic method, and also a method of mathematical comparison of statistical data, the main reperny points of research allowed to define a historical and comparative method. It should be noted that after events of 1917, the heraldry was buried in oblivion for this reason, there are a lot of mistakes and inaccuracies meets in the coats of arms of various regions and even the sovereign countries now. Many states of the former Soviet Union approved the state symbols, roughly breaking not only strict dogmas of heraldry, but also historical experience of own earth and the people.  It is possible to claim that the coat of arms of the republic Azerbaijan abounds with disputable symbols. It is possible to correct current situation, it is worth rethinking the main state symbols of the state. Haste of their acceptance at the beginning of the XX century led to a number of mistakes. It is necessary to take for a basis of the coat of arms and a flag of the republic or the irano-Persian symbolics – symbolics of the first homeland of the Azerbaijani people, or symbols which were used in this territory during its entry into structure of the Russian Empire. Today it is the only symbols of Azerbaijan having the historical, dogmatic and ethnographic bases fixed by earlier acts that can't be told about "remake" of the beginning of the XX century.

This article written in Russian. You can find full text of article in Russian here .

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