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Essays on everyday life
Ilinskaya S. - Manipulated person (political instability as an expected result of the modern educational technologies) pp. 1-10


Abstract: This article focuses on the fact how the test system of knowledge control of a student became of one of the factors contributing to aggravation of mosaic mind of the modern Russian youth, making it more susceptible to manipulation. Using the specific examples, the author demonstrates nonconformity of the established by federal standard methods of assessment with the specificity of socio-humanitarian knowledge, as well as the consequence of their application for the political sphere. The accuracy of this research is substantiated by the fact that the author is not only a scientific associate, but also a university professor, having experience in preparing high schoolers for the Unified State Exam on Social Studies. For illustrating the results of educational reforms, the selection of the Republic of Kalmykia is no coincidence, since the author had an occasion to study and work in the region, and be a part of its political life. The research carries an interdisciplinary character. The scientific novelty consists in analysis of the consequences of conducting state exams in  the socio-humanitarian sphere in form of tests through the prism of destruction of the classical way of thinking coupled with the technical capabilities of network mobilization. In situation of multiplicity of discursive fields, it seems merely impossible to trace and control the competing with the state agents of influence and the channels they use. This is why the disruption of logical connection in thinking process, aggravated by the forms of control implemented into the Russian school system, threatens to turn into the mass political protests.
Breskin V. - Homo Igneous: Language Phenomenon for Smokers and Non-Smokers pp. 228-247


Abstract: The goal of this study is to build the contours of the hypothesis, which defines the essence of language as a part of the human physiology, describes the language as the receptor activity based on common biological principles and functions of senses. The study tries to identify the physiological borders of the organ and the causes, which led to the organ development in the general evolution of human.
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